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This guy is pretty damn good at the marble maze: I bet you could win a few bucks at the bar with this talent
I really only buy gifts for my immediate family too, and we usually give each other wish lists. Were pretty open about what we want and dont want.
I'm wearing my old CK1... It's the only one I really where and I have to admit I'm getting tired of it. I think my girlfriend really likes it, but I'm thinking about making a change, maybe to Chrome by Azzaro. I have a friend that suggest it and I was thinking about stopping by Lord & Taylor on my way home and testing it out.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I hate driving and I hate traffic. I think this is exactly why people drive the way they do. Who doesn't get pissed when they're sitting in traffic after being at a job for 8-9 hours they dont really like? When they get in the car to go home, all they want to do is GET THE HELL HOME! Who cares if they cut off one or two people to do it. Everyone is in a rush these days and the only place where it effects...
Nay... I've tried a few vitamin waters and I think they're all pretty gross. I'm pretty active, and if I want/need a drink other than water I'm going straight for gatorade. They taste the best by far..
I think Clearsil started making a bodywash. I don't use it or know anyone who does, but you could try that out.
I think we're misusing the word "essential" here. It's not necessary for young adults to be taking vitamins on a regular basis. Unless your diet is horrible, you probably wont see any difference taking vitamins every day. I think its just a little something you can add to promote a slightly healthier lifestyle. It's also only really effective in the long run (many, many years).
Is there a Lord & Taylor near you? I was just on their website and saw that they're having a sale on Menswear. Up to 50% off suits and sports coats. You might want to check that out.
I'm not the biggest fan of soft drinks. I stick to stuff that isn't carbonated.
I too agree with lawyerdad, on the bar tipping. As far as restaurants go, I'm usually right at 20%. Its hard to go lower or higher than that.
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