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Great to hear regarding the jacket. What is the difference bw suede and snuff suede?
I can't take my eyes off the Thedi jacket - really beautiful piece, guys. My question about the jacket like that is the horsehide. I know it's rarer but the stiffness of it concerns me. Is all horsehide stiff?
My personal taste is that I'd rather let the waist out than take it in.
what brand is it?
Even in the mid 90s, South Beach was already a big change. I grew up in Miami (born in 74) and South Beach really started to make that change into destination hotspot in the late 80s/early 90s. That's when things really started to change. By the mid 90s, South Beach was no longer a well kept secret. Now, it's unrecognizable - even for a Miami native. Ironically enough, I never spent too much time in South Beach and generally don't go unless I'm going to the beach or...
SIAP, I'm relatively new to the thread but can't seem to find any online presence to order from. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
I know people love it but I was down there in August visiting family and I tried Yardbird for the first time. A little underwhelming. To me, the best dishes were all the non-entrees.
I've actually been looking for some oxbloods online or in store but it's slim pickings. I don't think they make this color anymore.I did pull the trigger on the Burgundy one they have online. Should get it in a day or 2.
Put in my pre-order of the speckled chambray. can't wait! Delivery says "December 2014". Does that mean early/mid/late? thanks!
jeezus, dude. righteous beard. How long have you been growing it?
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