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Agree, the mildew won't be killed off by a freezer. I've tried. lolI had to wash my low straights in hot practically back to back to get rid of the stench (lots of sweating in them). That did the trick when nothing else would.
Thanks for the feedback.
Thank you! This is unfortunate to hear. What linen would be considered closest to Mogyshel? TiA!
bump for the day time crew.
Are there mills that still make this? I know it's been decades since this has been regularly produced but was wondering if it's still readily available. If so, any RTW stuff or is it mainly bespoke via a tailor who can actually get their hands on it? Thanks in advance.
Well, on one hand, the score is almost exactly what I thought it was going to be tonight, otoh, fsu is tough. I was disappointed that our coaches were outcoached as well. Offense was also disappointing and Morris is a mental midget lately. Fsu has talent and depth and a darn good qb.
As if their academic reputation isn't bad enough, there's this...
Yes!! More recycled/tired attendance jokes!
Ah yes, an fsu education. Lol
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