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Well gents, I tried a pair to see how I'd like it. I ordered the tan horsehide in 2030 and it just wasn't for me. A bit too bulky for me - not sure what I expected but it's not quite right. I'm looking for boots that are a bit less bulky. Any recs?
SIAP, but why can't you return them? That's what I'm doing if they don't fit.
@dekalog Nice I look forward to getting mine tomorrow!
Based on their history of releases (either on this thread or their IG feed), it looks like they're averaging a release per month. They just did the icy mocha so my guess will be beginning of December for another release?Of course this doesn't take into account stock list collabs. I think those are much more infrequent.
emid: beauts! What is your socks of choice with your vibergs? Is SmartWool the popular choice here?
Epaulet sells these fantastic quality jersey shirts that are ideal for this time of year for layering, etc. Unfortunately, I got the sizing wrong on these and they fit a bit snug on me. From their website: 8oz Union Jersey is a thick, sturdy fabric that emulates the heavyweight athletic tees the 1950's. Composed of long-staple, 100% pima cotton fibers, the yarn is ring-spun and continually twisted into a system of fine ropes. This twisting results in a stronger yarn...
I'm selling this shirt that I purchased at Epaulet's Ends for Friends Fall special promo they had. It turns out I have a shirt very similar to this one so it will not work - just looking to recoup what I paid for. The shirting is a great piece of chambray - Japanese dobby with a small print on it. It's truly a unique shirt and for those not familiar with the EFF program, Epaulet takes unused premium fabrics at the top mills they use and have make a limited number of...
Up for sale is a one of SF's favorite manufacturers - Luciano Barbera. His Collezione Sartoriale is highly regarded on these boards and although the manufacturer of that line has changed, this specific sportscoat is made by Sartoria Partenopea. This sportscoat has been tailored but has only been worn 2 times - it's in mint condition. This sportscoat is a great spring/summer coat - soft shouldered, quarter lined, split vents, 3 roll 2 buttons and patch pockets - all SF...
This is me. I straddle 11.5/12D in most dress shoes (closer to 11.5D). Recently I wore a 1000 miler size 11 and it fit me pretty well.I recently ordered a 2030 Viberg in 11. Should arrive in a couple days.
Can you explain the stitch down? I jumped on the icy mocha bc it's been the brown I've been looking for. Not quite brown cxl, not coffee, not Nat cxl - just right.
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