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Thanks guys! How about the Okayama slub indigo chambray? My concern is that it would be a rough chambray.
what is the material on the slate blue canvas shirting like?
SIAP, but what is the fit equivalent on the slim narrows in slim fits or low straights? In the latter 2, I'm pretty consistently 31x32. Should I go 32x32 for the slim narrows? TIA
Nice hoodie - is that the tiger fleece like this one?http://epauletnewyork.com/products/tiger-fleece-full-zip-hoodie-blood
I've been eyeing that tattersall. Great fit! How does the shirt fit/feel?
question about the MTO rivet program - does the finished inseam come cuffed or uncuffed?
Any tips on first wash for the deep indigo slim? All cold or all warm?
SIAP, When is the timetable on this shipment?TIA!
We're not talking about wearing bermuda shorts to a wedding and asking if it's ok. We're talking about a tie/no tie. This hardly elevates to a permission issue. I have never heard of someone asking for permission to not wear a tie to a wedding.
Not only this but if he's a guest, why the big deal?
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