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If your GF thinks half the male guests won't be wearing jackets, why consider a linen suit? I think that would make you stand out even more, assuming that it's a light colored suit?
I'll be there in late June while honeymooning. Starting in Dubrovnik (flying in from Rome), staying a few nights and then staying on the coast for 6 nights (some combo of Dubrovnik, Zadar, Hvar, Sibenik). Maybe a 2-2-2 kind of stay or a 3-3. Not sure. Are there certain must do/see I should have on my list?
that's a really nice popover color. Is that a denim kind of material?
The wedding is aaround 5pm and the setting is at an outdoor botanical garden. I don't know if I'd say it's a "formal" setting, although I'm guessing your meaning of "formal" was not intended like that?
Chest: 21" (pit to pit) Waist: 20 1/4" (measured just below top button)
This is a terrific workhorse navy blue pinstripe suit. This is the 1818 Regent line, which is one of their better lines not called Golden Fleece and made in Italy by Lardini. 100% wool, half canvassed and hasn't had much wear (about 5-6 wears). The suit is in great condition and it's a great 4 season weight. Measurements are as follows: Jacket: BOC: 30 1/4" Shoulder to Shoulder: 18" Sleeves: 24" Split vent Pants: Inseam: 32 1/2" Waist: 33" Flat front Pants are...
Alright, ballers, I'm putting up this luxurious sportscoat up for sale. It's a 3 roll 2 quarter lined sports coat. Color is a peach kind of color.The material is very soft - 50% linen/50% cashmere. SC is made by Lardini. I am attaching a photo of the seam in the back. I am not sure if it's part of the weave but it is not that noticeable. The jacket has only been worn 3-4 times and in otherwise great shape. Measurements: BOC - 29 3/4" Shoulder to Shoulder - 18...
Looks like I'm going dark navy for my wedding - 5pm early June wedding. My struggle now is what color shirt? I'm in between a nice pale blue shirt, a white shirt (least preferred) and a thin striped one. Here's an example of a striped one.... Lastly, tie. I am really torn about this one. I am considering these: Thoughts?
Regarding rivet EFF, anyone here have any Dark French Blue or the Grey Double Faced Twill (copper on inside)? Would like to see them IRL. Have heavy are the 2 fabrics? 3 season?
Yeah, somewhere in between is a good idea but I've looked and I feel that that specific blue you're referring to is a tough one to nail down. Some look too much like air force blue and it's a very tough hue to get, imo. That said, if I'm going Navy, I feel that I should spring for something fantastic like the Ring other than your run of the mill Navy.
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