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price cut to $90
HAve you checked out the Tysons Galleria RL store? They're changing that one quite a bit. It's now HEAVILY RLPL/RLBL whereas before it had a ncie mix of PRL, RLPL, RLBL.
Nice. There's not a ton there. PSA - I will say that there's a peacoat - M. It has a corduroy collar - very bulky though. Very warm. It fits big. It is hanging on the mannequin last weekend. It's down to ~$300.
Yep, they have plenty of stock. Today is supposed to be the last day so I'd hurry up and get there. Call ahead first.I didn't get a chance to ask why.
The guy I know there told me they're shipping everything up to NY by Friday (this week). Sucks.
For those in the DC area, the Georgetown RL store will no longer be carrying ANY RRL stuff. Sucks.
Hello there: I'm clearing space for another purchase and I am selling things I haven't worn very much. I have worn this sweater twice, so it's in excellent condition. It's a VERY warm shawl collar navy blue field jacket sweater - very unique. You can see by the pictures that there are a lot of neat details. 100% lambswool - will keep you very warm. Some basic measurements: sleeves: 24.5" Pit to Pit: 20" Shoulder: 17.75" Back length (from bottom of collar to end of...
Landed the indigo selvedge slims and you all weren't kidding - very dark! Compared it side by side with my black slims and it was very close but you can see the difference. I'm looking forward to see how it fades over time. As for the fit, it's definitely a little more snug around the thighs that my other slims but that will stretch a bit with time. I am not sure if it's worthwhile to size up one on the waist. My concern with that is that the waist will be too big...
Don't see it on their website anymore. Still there?
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