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Shoes question - Dark navy suit. What is more "appropriate"? - Medium Brown Museum Captoes - Dark Brown Wingtips
I agree with your comment about the sizing. They will ALWAYS try to sell you a size that is too small for you. Look at how they are dressed - most of the guys have jackets that are just too tight and cinching everywhere. Some of the guys are dressed well, others not so much.That said, for the Napoli, I found that it fits a smidge on the big size. I'm a standard 40 everywhere and I found myself wearing the 38 fine without feeling it was too tight. But, like you said,...
For all of you skinny guys that buy chinos/rigid chinos, do you find them too baggy? I tried them on once like 5 years ago in store and found them way too baggy for me. Did I try the wrong ones?
As a person who is getting married this coming June, I find the whole "wedding colors" concept absolutely ridiculous - biggest marketing scam in the wedding industry. How does dark charcoal grey represent the only color (rather than a lighter charcoal) that would work with your "wedding colors"? Just curious.
I was just going to suggest SS when I saw your postscript at the end. Your first link isn't working. As for dark grey, the JCrew suit looks very dark charcoal. Dark grey and dark charcoal - to me - are different. Looks like you want REALLY dark, no? Why don't any of the SS suits work for you? Nothing dark enough? Would you consider very dark navy? The dark charcoal (almost black) looks too much like a tux - you might as well get a tux. JMO. Why not light grey or...
Yep, take it from me. I had a great pair of low straights that I had to buckle and wash b/c I would be very active in them and sweat quite a bit (with dancing). They got so bad they absolutely wreaked just after 3-4 months of wear. Freezer wouldn't work. I had to wash in hot wash and air dry in the sun - did this 2 times in 2-3 weeks just to get that stench out. Now, I rarely go a long time b/w washes if I sweat. If I'm just casually using them, sure, I can go 6-8...
Up for sale is a very lightly used Borrelli dress shirt - size 15.5/39. This color is as good as it gets for a wardrobe staple shirt. Great workhorse shirt but unfortunately I only was able to wear it a handful of times. Shirt is in great shape. The color is a very light/pale blue. Made in Italy. Top notch quality. 23" pit to pit, laying flat. Asking $85 shipped.
Up for sale is an unused Bulgari tie. I am selling it with the box but I can't find the tags. I never got around to wearing it. Time to make room for a new purchase. Colors are pink and red stripes. Width at the widest part is a hair under 4" Self-Tipped tie. Made in Italy. Price includes shipping. $75 CONUS
They all look the same. What's the difference? Material?
I think this is best.Better to bring a jacket just in case.I remember I went to my cousin's rehearsal dinner. I had slacks and a dress shirt and thought, hey, I'm dressed well enough - I don't need a jacket. Well, I get there and I was the only guy there (out of about 50) without a jacket.
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