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Gh3 without lens is $600 on amazon. Give or take. There are some decent
I am in the market to upgrade from my point and shoot. I've had Panasonic Lumix PaSs for a few years and ready to make the move. I don't think I want to go the DLSR route mostly because I don't want the bulk. I am considering mirrorless camera options. Specifically, there are 2 that I'm thinking about: Panasonic GH3 Sony a6000 Both are in the $600 range (new or used) and that's right around what I'm looking to spend. I want to camera both for cameras and video and...
Next season as in F/W 2014-15? TIA!
Hey all: I'm looking for some slim white RRL jeans in 31x32. I checked on eBay and I found a pair of "RRL white Japanese selvege stretch skinny". What is this? The tag says "stretch skinny fit." How does this size compare to slim? TIA.
Hey all, SIAP, but do Orlando outlets carry RRL?
Any DC area folks check out the georgetown RL store for RRL deals? Thinking about dropping in tomorrow at lunch but wondering if it will be worth the trip.
Thank you! Looks great.
'preciate it.
Does anyone have a KW Grenadine tie that they can show IRL? Trying to figure out how much texture it has. I think it is the one I am looking for but not sure.
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