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Thanks. I've been eyeing the sulphur spring/new mexico type of light wash for some time so I finally sprang for it (in SS). My next denim will have to be a rigid. I'm curious about the Witchita wash as someone else referred to it but I can't find it anywhere online.
I can no longer find the New Mexico and witchita wash jeans on the RL website. Are they still on the site? Tia
For the denim, what's the fit like on the Kaihara and Ring Rings?
Up for sale are some previously worn Tramezzas. The model is "Daniely" and the color is a brown/burgundy mix (depending on the lighting). They have been worn roughly 10-15 times and have been well cared for (trees, etc.). Everyone here knows Tramezzas - SF's highest line of quality (goodyear welt contruction, etc) and can easily retail for over $1000. If you're looking for a staple cap toe with which to build your wardrobe, this is your shoe! The price includes...
How are you doing that? I tried putting the Fairmont in my basket and applied TURKEY15 but nothing happened - full retail.
Thanks! Which fabric was it?
Which one is the latter Invidualized?Also, do you dart your shirts?
Thanks, all. After looking at the other manufacturers, i think my wheelhouse look is Alden. Their straight captoe look is what I'm going for. The Carminas a few posts back are dynamite but a bit too much on the dressy side.
Toe box, mostly. I'm looking for that sweet spot right in the middle of work boot and dress boot.
Hi gents: I'm in the market for some boots. I am looking for some boots that would go with jeans and maybe chords (maybe even khakis). I just bought and returned a pair of vibergs. Excellent craftmanship but just too bulky for my tastes. I like the look in general but just not quite as bulky. Maybe chukkas are more up my alley? Dunno but I would love a pair of boots that are substantial enough like vibergs but without the bulk. Any recommendations in the $300-600...
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