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inseam is 32" and waist is 16.5"
18.25" shoulder to shoulder 30" BOC 19" chest
Are these slim rigids pretty much the top recommended slim fit RRL selvedge currently offered?
Hi all: Up for sale is a pair of RRL jeans in 31x32 (Slim fit) in a blue/gray wash. They've only been worn twice and are in excellent condition.
Up for sale is a brand new Large Epaulet shirt from a recent New England Shirt Co. ends for friends sale. Not many shirts were made from this specific material! This is a wool/linen washable deep indigo blend with a great drape - I have never quite seen a fabric like this but unfortunately I have something somewhat close to this shirt in my closet. Closeup of the fabric from a very similar grey shirt of the same sale but the picture simple is reflective of the actual...
Love the way the officer chinos are made but for me, the fit is simply too baggy. Do any of you all have them altered/tapered?
Who makes RRL suiting? Is it Caruso?For me, I do 31x32 in both low straights and slim fits. The fit of slim fits varies, though. I have a pair of slims that are very slim and others that are not so slim. YMMV.Separately, but how similar are slim narrows to slim fits?Also, what is your rigid jeans of choice? Are they the slim narrows or the standard slim? Looking to get a pair of rigid selvedge but not sure which one is a must have.Lastly, stores still have new Mexico...
Gents, I received my EFF October shirts in the mail and I had ordered the Deep Indigo AND Greycast Wool/Linen shirts (L) and thinking of unloading them if interested. I know the indigo was in hot demand. That's my lone post regarding this. Thanks!
Aha, thanks. Which rigid pair are you referring to? The full price one?
I don't even travel much and it's worth it to me! I fly internationally maybe once a year but for me, especially traveling with kids, getting the TSA pre check makes it so worthwhile.
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