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well, for those that wanted grays, there you have it. Thankfully i already have a nice set of grays/charcoals at home. Phew/
someone buy the tartans already so we can move to the next set before my 1pm meeting. lol
Regretting not nabbing that oliver twill.
Can't even go to the bathroom
Think so. Maybe they had colors that left no room for interpretation (i.e. "Navy flannels") and boom, they were picked up/
Wow, I'm surprised the turq don is the last one standing. It's a beautiful color - someone snatch it up.
I have that Turq donegal-esque in some old David Chus that Ed Morel sold a few years back. It is a fantastic pair of pants. Love the color.
This will be challenging - trying to determine what on earth fabrics like "turquoise moon" actually look like.
Damn, you guys are already seeing fabrics? I don't see any yet
Do any of you rivet/walt wearers feel the need to size up to the driggs?
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