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My (pregnant) wife and I are looking to head down Memorial Day weekend. Don't know much about the city except it's a great food town and is by the water. A couple questions- - is it better to stay on the water like folly beach or should we stay downtown Charleston? - should we rent a car? We are an active couple that enjoy doing things rather than just lay on the beach (although enjoy that as well). Can someone give me the 40,000 foot view of Charleston? Thanks in...
Are those Driggs pants? Great fit and color!
price cut
price lowered
I'm guessing that snugness around the back of the knees is typical? Thanks for the feedback, guys. I will suck it up and stick with the rigids!
Hey all: It's my first foray into rigid/raw denim. I have several RRL jeans (indigo slims, standard low straights, red slims) but this is my first dive into rigid. I ordered the once washed slim fits and the rigid slim fits to see what fits better (and return the other). I am consistently 31x32 across the board so I decided to get that same size with my new purchase. The once washed fit very nicely and has some room, but buttons snugly, right where I need it to be. ...
Great, appreciate the info
Gents, I'm in the market for new denim. I want a workhorse and these seem to be the ones everyone loves: Slim Fit once washed: Slim Fit Rigids: Thoughts on the 2? I know there has been reference to "slim straights" in this...
dropped to $35 shipped.
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