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Thanks! Besides that tag, I assume there is no other reference to the word "roper"? For example the large tag on the back pocket that lists size and cut in big letters. Are they slim fit or slim boot?Either way, thanks!
Thanks for the info; that's helpful.Sale price is too high for me but I'll keep my eye out on B&S, perhaps. Btw, would you mind showing how it's tagged? I assume there's no mention of the word "Roper" anywhere on the tags?
Sweet. Do the stores sell them?Also, how does the slim fit in these compare to the slim fit in the standard selvedge?
My bad; duh!Which one is it? Linen or Cotton one on the website?
Where did you get the LBM jacket? Yoox?Question for anyone - how do the duck canvas Rivet Chinos fit compared to the regular rivet chinos?TIA
Does RRL still make the oxblood jeans? I used to see them on B&S a bit a couple years back but I haven't seen them in some time (on B&S, ebay or B&M stores).
Awesome, looking forward to it! Dropped off SF for a bit...been busy. Life changes and all...divorce, etc., but it's all for the best. Saludos!
Ed, any plans in the future to make a diffuse line? All joking aside, I meant more of an alternative in price rather than selling them for $350+. I purchased 2 pairs of pants at the very beginning and I still wear them - love them. I love the one back pocket cashmere/wool one in dark charcoal. Anyhow, I would definitely be interested again if it's under $200. TIA!
LVC talk on cool hunting. http://www.coolhunting.com/style/levis-vintage-clothing-made-and-crafted-fall-2013.php
I have had 31x32 low straights that fit be great. Frankly, I'm in between sizes on the slims since my thighs are (I think) a more athletic than normal so they fit me real snug. I went to a 32x32 in slims. I've tried 31x32 in slims and they are a bit too snug for my tastes. I probably could swing them and let them stretch over time.
New Posts  All Forums: