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LVC talk on cool hunting. http://www.coolhunting.com/style/levis-vintage-clothing-made-and-crafted-fall-2013.php
I have had 31x32 low straights that fit be great. Frankly, I'm in between sizes on the slims since my thighs are (I think) a more athletic than normal so they fit me real snug. I went to a 32x32 in slims. I've tried 31x32 in slims and they are a bit too snug for my tastes. I probably could swing them and let them stretch over time.
The seller name is black*label*reseller. Just wanted to give him/her a shout out for a great transaction. I bought some black slim fit selvedge jeans.
is one of you black*label seller on ebay?
Try low straights.
I had something similar happen to me where I incorrectly did the auction. I had a pair of nice PRL pants I was selling. BIN was for like $85 but I started the bidding at like $9 and didn't do th minimum correctly. As a result, someone bought it for $9. I bit the bullet and chalked it up to lesson learned. If it was $250 and a nice piece and I messed up the auction, I would probably try to work something out with you offline, reasonably. I would email the seller and...
Just landed a pair of black selvedge slim fits from ebay. Been looking for a pair for the loooongest time. woot.
Duly noted. I currently use Tide non-dye, non-fragrance. Is there a more appropriate detergent for selvedge?
lol. Then my answer is "All". I honestly don't recall the brand. It could be tide for all I remember,
run of the mill Downey (non fragrance, etc.)
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