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Thanks for the intel.Gonna go pick up a few slims to see if quality is any good.
I think RRL posted this earlier. (Almost) same shirt for much cheaper!http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=78228&vid=1&pid=387864032#close
Woah, I was told by the RRL store in the village that black on black only came in slim fits. This has changed?
Can someone explain why America is incapable of this? Looking to learn.
I'm a native Miamian. If you have a decent budget, stay at either the Delano or SLS. Top flight hotels in the heart of south beach. Fountainbleu is nice, I guess, but it's old and out of the way, imo. Another alternative is "Soho house". They have a nice hotel. What's your budget? Things to do - well, if you're cool going to the beach and hanging out, there's always that. Hanging around south beach for 2-3 days plenty. Depending on how many days you have, consider...
would you mind posting a pic of the olive SFs (preferrably worn)?
Or real life?!
Nice. Any out in the wild pics?
This was mentioned earlier in this thread but got lost in the shuffle. But, does RRL still make the jeans in that oxblood red of a few years ago? Haven't seen it in some time. TIA
No worries, I just wanted to know if it was slim fit or slim boot. I saw a pair of slim boot ropers on ebay so I'm guessing Roper comes in slim fit AND slim boot.
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