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Is that Cardy wool? Price?
Copy that; makes sense.
Maybe I'm missing the intent of your post but aren't those other online sites (minus jcrew) just as pricey as RRL? I've checked out mister freedom, etc and it's $$$$.
Do they still sell Ash rivets? I don't see them on the site.
Nice! Can you show a full body shot of the SC and the fit?
Re: officer Chinos Are there people here that consistently buy RRL slim fit denim yet buy the Officer Field Chinos? I wear slim fits and every time I try on a chino, it fits very baggy. Are there some officer pants that fit on the slim(mish) side?
Gh3 without lens is $600 on amazon. Give or take. There are some decent
I am in the market to upgrade from my point and shoot. I've had Panasonic Lumix PaSs for a few years and ready to make the move. I don't think I want to go the DLSR route mostly because I don't want the bulk. I am considering mirrorless camera options. Specifically, there are 2 that I'm thinking about: Panasonic GH3 Sony a6000 Both are in the $600 range (new or used) and that's right around what I'm looking to spend. I want to camera both for cameras and video and...
Next season as in F/W 2014-15? TIA!
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