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Regarding rivet EFF, anyone here have any Dark French Blue or the Grey Double Faced Twill (copper on inside)? Would like to see them IRL. Have heavy are the 2 fabrics? 3 season?
Yeah, somewhere in between is a good idea but I've looked and I feel that that specific blue you're referring to is a tough one to nail down. Some look too much like air force blue and it's a very tough hue to get, imo. That said, if I'm going Navy, I feel that I should spring for something fantastic like the Ring other than your run of the mill Navy.
Hey all: I recently came across a lightly used 3sixteen toggle duffel coat online. I've come across a M and a L. I read that they are slim fitting but wasn't sure if a M or a L would better suit me. I'm 6', 170 athletic build and wear a 40R jacket size consistently. Thoughts?
It's interesting. I found eidos fit me perfectly otr (I'm 6', 170 and a consistent 50) and the 50 fit me just right. And for reference, the Ring 50 fit me perfectly (albeit a smidge smaller). My size must be in some sort of sweet spot./that's what she said
Hey all: Getting married in early June and will take hey honeymoon in mid June. We definitely want to do one week in Croatia and were wondering what to do with a second week (from everything I've read and heard, one week is definitely a good amount of time). Our options are, southern Spain, Portugal, or northern Italy. My gut tells me southern Spain because the itinerary is pretty concrete and the distances between places aren't that long (madrid -...
Any thoughts on these? I was planning to go with the standard navy one and afterwards, plan to keep it in my go-to suit rotation as a work horse suit. But then this other pin stripe caught my eye as being a little bit more "special". Would appreciate the forum's thoughts! http://shop.thearmoury.com/artisans/ring-jacket/ring-jacket-184-pinstripe-suit-blue http://shop.thearmoury.com/artisans/ring-jacket/ring-jacket-loro-piana-wool-core-184-suit-navy As additional...
Good lord those shoes are right in my sizing wheelhouse. And, I'll probably be honeymooning in Croatia later this summer, to boot!
I also own one pair of black denim - RRL slims. I'm also curious how they fade, although I think I've washed them too much.
Damn, you beat those up good! I managed to snag a pair on deep discount several months back and love the color. I've worn them about 4-5 times so far but no heavy use so far and no washes yet.How many times have you worn it?I'd wear it more if they weren't so damn snug.
Nice! Measurements (do you know what last?)? I'm interested but am unsure of sizing. small margin of error on loafers.
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