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Put in my pre-order of the speckled chambray. can't wait! Delivery says "December 2014". Does that mean early/mid/late? thanks!
jeezus, dude. righteous beard. How long have you been growing it?
How/Where the heck did they get so much RRL stock?
Time to stock up on some TP
Sweet. I see on the site that there's no more Grape heirloom sweater. sold out or am I looking in the wrong spot?
anyone have the burgundy jean or see it IRL?
Which means Bennett is 6-6 (at best).
Get ready for black tie, gents! I'm parting with this pair of AEs in really good condition. Only been worn a handful of times. Very light wear. I'm selling these because I came across a pair of slip on black patents at a great price. Thanks in advance. $60 for the shoes which does not include $10 for shipping (CONUS).
Is that Cardy wool? Price?
Copy that; makes sense.
New Posts  All Forums: