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Great looking boots.Regarding the Viberg Stealth, I see this one:http://www.3sixteen.com/collections/footwear/products/viberg-andrew-special-service-boot-stealthThe one in the link is a captoe but yours doesn't look like it has a captoe?
Don't see blue sky. You mean blue thunder?
How is the fit on these 2?
I was eyeing that magenta - looked nice.I waited too late but lucked out with both wool/linen blends and the pale red twill/
eyeing that pucker twill
PSA: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/special-edition-blackout-down-parka For those that are looking for a warm winter coat, OSC makes some seriously good ones. I purchased the OSC St. Johns Parka from EP last year and although it was a bit pricey, I don't regret it at all. The coat is like nothing else - completely warm and made very well. Loved wearing it all winter long (I'm in the DC area, FWIW). Not sure how this one compares to the...
Had 27 in my cart - too slow on the trigger! Edit: I tried to purchase it again and the trx went through. Can you guys confirm?
Thanks guys! How about the Okayama slub indigo chambray? My concern is that it would be a rough chambray.
what is the material on the slate blue canvas shirting like?
SIAP, but what is the fit equivalent on the slim narrows in slim fits or low straights? In the latter 2, I'm pretty consistently 31x32. Should I go 32x32 for the slim narrows? TIA
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