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I didn't expect a nail biter but I told my buddies who bet to take wake and the points.Classic sandwich game - unc road game followed by NCAA stuff and followed by fsu. Miami's MO has been playing down/up to their opponents.They ran the ball well against arguably the best defense in CFB (when easely was healthy).Head says 45-21, fsu, heart says 34-31, canes. How about you?
LolRelax, friend; you must be an fsu fan.Before you have your jimmies in max overload, yes, I've watched most of their games.Fsu is playing like a buzz saw but I give miami a puncher's chance.
We shall see but i doubt it. The funny thing about this series - when you think the game heavily favors one side, it never amounts to a blowout (provided the teams are both good). Throw the spread and everything else out the window when these 2 teams are top 10 types of teams.
2 big tilts this weekend - Stanford/Oregon and Miami/FSU. This is why CFB is the best.
It was bound to happen. Sucks that it happened this way but they were playing with house money anyhow with franklin gone.
People like to brush this aside but this is significant; unprecedented in fact. They also self imposed an ACCCG. Further, they had this cloud over the program for 2+ years that affected recruiting, etc.At the end of the day, hardly anything could be substantiated by the NCAA's questionable tactics. The coaches that had involvement are no longer at the school and were punished accordingly. Miami cooperated fully and openly with the NCAA, which was also a big factor in...
Basic requirements: - $200/250 max - Does not have to be olive. Can be olive, blue, black, etc. I tried on a JCrew one some time back but did not like it. Any other brands you recommend to start looking at? TIA
Nothing represents tough like dudes wearing RRL and showing off gang signs.
Thoughts? http://www.coolhunting.com/style/parke-active-denim.php http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/solomonliou/premium-active-denim-engineered-for-performance-an New concept jean being offered at $89 wholesale price.
Thanks for the intel.Gonna go pick up a few slims to see if quality is any good.
New Posts  All Forums: