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Did 444 even show up in the drop down? lol
just tried to purchase the 2 new flannels within seconds of going up but nada. lol This is how I feel: http://media.giphy.com/media/5xtDaroSUO99aCMjnkA/giphy.gif
What a mess. I picked one of the flannels to put in my cart (can't recall if it was blue or khaki - maybe both! lol) and upon refreshing, the paypal purchase indicated it was the purchase of "please choose fabric". Looks like my payment went through without the actual pants. lol Mike, et al: I emailed you guys about it. Thanks.
In other words, no shot at them
I think the gray flannel is still available
Is that the last of it? Maybe one last batch?
khaki flannel sold out with the quickness.
The question is, how many more fabrics are left!
well, for those that wanted grays, there you have it. Thankfully i already have a nice set of grays/charcoals at home. Phew/
someone buy the tartans already so we can move to the next set before my 1pm meeting. lol
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