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Well, on one hand, the score is almost exactly what I thought it was going to be tonight, otoh, fsu is tough. I was disappointed that our coaches were outcoached as well. Offense was also disappointing and Morris is a mental midget lately. Fsu has talent and depth and a darn good qb.
As if their academic reputation isn't bad enough, there's this...
Yes!! More recycled/tired attendance jokes!
Ah yes, an fsu education. Lol
Your quoted post has very little to do with mine. No where did I use the word "choke", for example. I merely pointed out that there have been a few times in the series' history where an overmatched team almost beat the other team. That happens al the time in CFB - are you implying that because this year is "different" that FSU is incapable of losing to an overmatched team? If so, kudos to you for telling yourself that.I will be here after the game, regardless of...
It's too bad; it's a beautiful color sweater.
Got it. Why bother playing, right?I wonder if you felt that way for the 2002 game? Similar situations - FSU was heavily outmatched, Miami clear #1 team in the country...loaded...and it came down to a missed FG. There was no reason why they should be in it. You can find other examples throughout the rivals' history. If I need to tell you that then I have to wonder how old you are.
lol, ok. Hey, I was just pointing out your flawed thinking so don't get all rustled at me. Good luck in the game, sir. What is your prediction?
So, by your transitive "logic", fsu should win 65-3, right? Using your logic, BC ran for over 200 yards on you and miami has a better running game so they should run for 250-300, right? See how I can play this silly game? Lol Trallatrashee ia a good nickname, I like it.
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