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Mike, the OSC jackets on your site - is the model wearing a Medium? TIA! Really digging those OSC jackets.
SIAP, but what is the fit difference between the Rivets, Walts and Driggs? I have the Rivets. TIA.
Great sweater and great color combination.
been looking for a duffle lately and they have a denim duffel on sale. Does this defeat the purpose of using it like a rugged duffel?
Any plans to carry merino wool and/or cashmere gloves?
No experience but they look the part. First season of this new line, it seems.
OSC Cross has some neat parkas.
Anyone here buy an OSC parka? Really nice ones, but looks like the Leduc one is available in sizes larger than a small. How much warmer is the St. Johns than the Leduc?
nice coats, why are you selling them?
Likewise! There's another Cubano from Cali that is on this site...that I know of.Mi mama es de SdC y mi papa de La Habana.
New Posts  All Forums: