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Random question - I saw this heathered hoodie on college game day worn by the guy in the glasses. Can anyone ID it?
Question for those who purchased the deep indigo slim fits from a year or 2 ago. They were extra slim and had a nice deep indigo shade to them. I don't believe they were raw/selvedge. Anyhow, question for those who own it - how have you washed it?
Nice shirt! Which shirt is this?
The glory days of RRL/RLPL shopping at outlets is long gone. I just happened to find a great grail piece about 7 years ago at an outlet. Was looking for a tux and the outlet (I think the one outside of Chicago) had a RLPL tux - $4-5k retail on sale for about $500 and in my size. This was back in the day where you can call any RL outlet and basically have the pick of the litter
Forgot to mention that I will throw in a pair of cedar shoe trees.
That's pretty bold considering there is a lot of good science that contradicts it.This statement caught my eye - "And there are no connections between a high fat intake and cardiovascular disease." There are a lot of studies refuting this.I used to be on the high fat/protein/low carb view of thinking of I've been on the plant based diet side of things the past couple years.Anyway, carry on!
Any IRL pics?
Converse site finally was absorbed by Nike. Horrendous site. I wonder if they will change their offerings now that the Nike move is final
Anyone see this fade IRL?
Some consensus gathering on some sale items... Anyone check out the burgundy cords IRL? Also, does anyone wear the white chambray work shirt? I often wonder whether or not it's worth getting a white chambray shirt. Striped hoodie - what's the quality of their hoodies? I'm liking this one. It seems that some of the items are on deeper discount than historical. Is that accurate? If so, could it be a first salvo in the new CEO's quest to pare down RRL?
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