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Quesiton about the REDA hopsack - is this strictly a 2-3 season weight?
Nice. Let us know how the indigo runs/bleeds/stains.
This wedding color phenomenon absolutely boggles my mind. Some brides go overboard, I think, with the whole "colors" theme.
Sadly, I called the bleeker store and they gave me the online sale price plus 25%. Nowhere near 311
right, but in the likely event that the store does not carry it, can they still honor the price?Also, does this cardigan fit like the others previously discussed here? (TTS)
Anyone try this one on? It's calling my name. And, as for pricing, is it best to call the store directly to get these prices or should I contact RL.com? http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=60343026
Pics from my wedding last month. Suit: Ring Jacket 184 Shirt: Suit Supply Tie: Pink Shoes: Vass Boy on knee: My son/ring bearer/best man Bride: Awesomeness
I see that he doesn't have his own thread yet. I recently was in his shop while vacationing in Florence. I chatted with Mario's business partner - Nicola - about the shoes and he couldn't have been more welcoming. Then Mario came out and he chatted with me for a bit. Two extremely nice guys who know their stuff and took their time explaining things to me. They were very curious how I had heard of Mario Bemer shoes. Anyhow, here's a plug for his shoes - they are...
Hey guys, what's the difference b/w the gunmetal rivets and midnight oil ones?
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