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Great leather jacket! How soft is the leather?
Just got this bad boy in the mail today. Great service and prompt delivery!
very nice cords - from the website or ebay? It's really a shame that the only RRL cardigans on sale are cotton. Wish there was a wool/cash one for sale.
@irbe great sweater
Doing some more closet cleaning and u[ for sale are 2 items... 1. Medium cashmere shawl collar sweater. There's leather outline around the collar. A really nice sweater that I've worn just a few times. It's a little pilly in a couple places but it is in great condition. Measurements: Length (back of collar to bottom): 25" PtP (armpit): 19" Chest: 18.5" Sleeve: 26" THIS IS SOLD 2. Small Corduroy hacking jacket with some really neat details (throat latch, buttons,...
Hi there: I'm doing some closet cleaning and I'm selling this pair of slim boot cut jeans. The color is an off-white color. Slim boot cut and the size is 31x32. The jeans have been worn only a few times - they are in great condition. $95 CONUS Thanks.
Did 444 even show up in the drop down? lol
just tried to purchase the 2 new flannels within seconds of going up but nada. lol This is how I feel: http://media.giphy.com/media/5xtDaroSUO99aCMjnkA/giphy.gif
What a mess. I picked one of the flannels to put in my cart (can't recall if it was blue or khaki - maybe both! lol) and upon refreshing, the paypal purchase indicated it was the purchase of "please choose fabric". Looks like my payment went through without the actual pants. lol Mike, et al: I emailed you guys about it. Thanks.
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