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price cut
price cut
Is this the same color that's on their website? http://m.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/internationalist-lx-shoe/pid-10938386/pgid-10974062 Yours looks bluer? Thanks!
Doesn't Wrangler have a completely vintage-like line called "blue bell" that has a similar aesthetic?
I'm with you. I think some folks can pull off the all white look (tan/dark complexion) but for pasty folks like me at the beginning of the summer - I dunno.
For those that got the midnight melange, what kind (color/texture/etc) of sport coat would you rock with it if you went the blazer route?
Videos are great. Did you ever make a video for midnight melange?
Got the midnight melange. Been looking for a blue like that.
Thanks. Remind me - if I'm a 33 in rivet chinos (old style), am I a 32 or 33 in walts?
How much extra are the shorts?
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