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I see that he doesn't have his own thread yet. I recently was in his shop while vacationing in Florence. I chatted with Mario's business partner - Nicola - about the shoes and he couldn't have been more welcoming. Then Mario came out and he chatted with me for a bit. Two extremely nice guys who know their stuff and took their time explaining things to me. They were very curious how I had heard of Mario Bemer shoes. Anyhow, here's a plug for his shoes - they are...
Hey guys, what's the difference b/w the gunmetal rivets and midnight oil ones?
Apporx shipping time for a belt to the DC area?
SIAP, can someone link me to the EFF?
Congrats. I'm getting married in Vienna, VA in a couple weeks. Outdoor ceremony and reception is in the atrium of the botanical garden. I'll be wearing an all-season navy blue suit.
No code seems to work for the additional 15% discount for the Designer special sale. Tried DESIGNER15 and the RLMEM15 and neither worked. Any ideas?
Very nicely put together. Details?
Nice collection, namor. What's the difference in fit/texture b/w the slim fit chino and the slim fit rigid chino? I assume the latter is the selvedge whereas the former is not?
Unless you live in South America. - Jg0517: you're entering the territory of eidos.you check them out? RLBL tuxes are hard to come by on sale but keep checking B&S and RL outlets. Several years ago I scored a RLPL tux (retails for $4k) at an outlet for $600. Woodbury might be a place to start although I seem to recall their RLPL/RLBL inventory declining over the years.
Don't go small. I'm also 6', 170 with a slim/athletic build and wear a 40R. I find the large knits to fit well. I tried the medium a while back and found it to be a bit too snug for my liking.
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