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That's actually not bad.
Really nice! It goes really well with light color. do you feel it clashes with denim?
Do they still make the red oxblood jeans? Never see those in the stores anymore. Occasionally on ebay but they seem to be mostly women's jeans.
You go watch a CFB game dressed like that?!
Great look. Brand of shirt and jacket?
RRL on Lebron?
Agree, the mildew won't be killed off by a freezer. I've tried. lolI had to wash my low straights in hot practically back to back to get rid of the stench (lots of sweating in them). That did the trick when nothing else would.
Thanks for the feedback.
Thank you! This is unfortunate to hear. What linen would be considered closest to Mogyshel? TiA!
bump for the day time crew.
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