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Here's another +rep for the OSC Cross jacket. I have been wearing it if the temps get below 40. It's fantastic. I was out with my girl last night and she had a North Face Thermalball plus a NF shell jacket on (plus a sweater underneath). She said she was still a little cold. I had her wear my OSC jacket and she could not believe the difference. Highly recommend the jacket.
Depends on body makeup. I am 6' , 170 with an athletic build and do 31x32 in low straights, slim, slim boots.
Sounds super shady. Don't do #4. @razl I'd love to hear how that Finamore jacket fits. Never seen one before.
Nice. SNS sweater?
any word on when the pre-order speckled chambrays are going out?
Nice.I assume you're going R-L? How does the Sacramento fit?
Just picked up an OSC Cross jacket (St. John's) from epaulet. Super warm - slimmish fit - great.
Great leather jacket! How soft is the leather?
Just got this bad boy in the mail today. Great service and prompt delivery!
very nice cords - from the website or ebay? It's really a shame that the only RRL cardigans on sale are cotton. Wish there was a wool/cash one for sale.
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