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Landed the indigo selvedge slims and you all weren't kidding - very dark! Compared it side by side with my black slims and it was very close but you can see the difference. I'm looking forward to see how it fades over time. As for the fit, it's definitely a little more snug around the thighs that my other slims but that will stretch a bit with time. I am not sure if it's worthwhile to size up one on the waist. My concern with that is that the waist will be too big...
Don't see it on their website anymore. Still there?
indigo wash jean still on sale?
Hi all: I purchased this pair of SP gloves. I've worn them just a couple of times and I am making room for another purchase. The leather is supple soft (I believe lamb, but I'm not 100% sure), hand pickstitching throughout, soft cashmere lining, and in excellent condition. It's a size 9. $120 shipped. (CONUS) I believe they are the same gloves as shown...
Here's another +rep for the OSC Cross jacket. I have been wearing it if the temps get below 40. It's fantastic. I was out with my girl last night and she had a North Face Thermalball plus a NF shell jacket on (plus a sweater underneath). She said she was still a little cold. I had her wear my OSC jacket and she could not believe the difference. Highly recommend the jacket.
Depends on body makeup. I am 6' , 170 with an athletic build and do 31x32 in low straights, slim, slim boots.
Sounds super shady. Don't do #4. @razl I'd love to hear how that Finamore jacket fits. Never seen one before.
Nice. SNS sweater?
any word on when the pre-order speckled chambrays are going out?
Nice.I assume you're going R-L? How does the Sacramento fit?
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