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One last time before the sale - difference b/w Diggs and Walt? I currently wear Rivets. How different are the walts/diggs to the rivets? TIA!
I think an east coast tour is in order. Come to DC!
Thanks! Just to be perfectly clear, are you saying Dylan should be wearing a small or large (making sure I undestand "size down" in this case).Also, how much more substantial of a jacket is St. John's to the leduc? Your thoughts on the leduc?
Mike, the OSC jackets on your site - is the model wearing a Medium? TIA! Really digging those OSC jackets.
SIAP, but what is the fit difference between the Rivets, Walts and Driggs? I have the Rivets. TIA.
Great sweater and great color combination.
been looking for a duffle lately and they have a denim duffel on sale. Does this defeat the purpose of using it like a rugged duffel?
Any plans to carry merino wool and/or cashmere gloves?
No experience but they look the part. First season of this new line, it seems.
OSC Cross has some neat parkas.
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