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Very sweet but I don't see Moss Bedford on their site. What pair is it?
Thanks guys. I will check out the NYT article.
It's that time of year again when summer travel plans start to take shape. I went to Paris with my SO last May and it was fantastic - 9 days. This year is Spain. I've been to Spain only 1 other time - around 5 years ago and I spent about 4-5 days in Barcelona and another 3-4 days driving up and down the La Costa Brava coast. I have cousins in Barcelona so that was nice to spend time with them. This year I'd like to explore the north a bit - San Sebastian and a couple...
Deez, can you please post a picture of the tag for the chinos? The "RRL Issued Garment Tag". Much obliged!
Beautiful ties, Ed. Are you still making suit/SC offerings?
Do they usually have this 30% off sale in late December?
ebay always has loads of them at around the 100-125 range.
any idea when they're coming out with their spring/summer lookbook? Debating whether or not to spring for a current havana SC.
I wear my jeans a lot every weekend. I can go usually a 2-3 months before I have to wash them - they get stains which come out in a wash. can I hand wash the stains out? I guess, but it's a pain in the butt.
anyone purchase some of their chinos? I absolutely love their rust color chinos. fit is good. But, after adjustments, I'm looking at a $150-160 pair of pants.
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