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Umm, hasn't this been the case for 30+ years?I personally like the low profile JP shoes with monochrome laces/tongue.Anyway, it depends on your style. Grown men can pull off cons without a problem
What are the outlets selling that sweater for?
Just came across his site. Looks to have pretty nice chelsea's at a nice price point. Any first hand experience? Can't find much in search on this site.
I have a slim burgundy 31x32 I'm looking to unload if anyone is interested. Barely worn
Looking forward to it. Did I see correctly earlier in this thread that you were wearing a guayabera inspired short sleeve shirt in navy? Need to see more of that!
Up for sale is a pair of very gently used jeans by RRL (worn 2-3 times). The pair is a nice burgundy color and the jeans are sanforized. Need to make room in my closet for another purchase. This pair is hard to find now, especially at deep discount. Size is 31x32. Thanks.
Does that inlude the Hestra gloves?
Anyone here have the fairview wash selvedge slim fits? IRL pics? Looking for a lighter wash jean...
Thanks for the info, Rob. I don't see the red chambray shirt on your site - did it sell out?The one nit I have with the shirt I received (just a small nit) was that the cuff was unusually wide. It seemed inconsistent with the rest of the fit (which was perfect). Not sure if you've heard that from others, but it's my only comment outside of the great fit.
Just received the oxford stripe from Rob. Fantastic fit. Was shocked at how well it fit - nice high collar, soft material, etc. My question - I'm wearing a YH2 and it fits there much shrinkage with these shirts? There's a little room to shrink, I suppose, but just wondering. also, it's hard to see the difference b/w the pink chambray and the pink oxford. Any high level difference? Lastly, there's only one blue chambray on there - wasn't there another...
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