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I've been eyeing that tattersall. Great fit! How does the shirt fit/feel?
question about the MTO rivet program - does the finished inseam come cuffed or uncuffed?
Any tips on first wash for the deep indigo slim? All cold or all warm?
SIAP, When is the timetable on this shipment?TIA!
We're not talking about wearing bermuda shorts to a wedding and asking if it's ok. We're talking about a tie/no tie. This hardly elevates to a permission issue. I have never heard of someone asking for permission to not wear a tie to a wedding.
Not only this but if he's a guest, why the big deal?
Suit Supply MTO CAN be a good option for you as well. But, anything MTM at this point might cut it a little close. Better to get an OTR just to play it safe.
What's the fit on the popover?
Up for sale is a Medium RRL short sleeved shirt - GREAT condition (worn once). It's made in India and has a very light cream color (almost white) and blue stripes. Great RRL quality, as usual. Shoulder to Shoulder: 17" Pit to Pit: 21" BOC: 28.75" Price is $65 CONUS.
Up for sale are 2 SF affiliate Wolf vs Goat shirts that I simply don't wear. I've worn each one about a handful of times and hand washed and hang dried them each time. Made In USA. Measurements as follows: White: Shoulder to Shoulder: 18" Pit to Pit: 21" Waist: 18.75" BOC: 28" Burgundy: Shoulder to Shoulder: 18" Pit to Pit: 21.75" Waist: 18" BOC: 28.75" Price is $50 for each one, CONUS,
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