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Sprang for the Dobby. Anyone have any thoughts on seeing that IRL? Is this it for the fabrics?
I "purchased" the Canclini - let's hope I get it!
mike, is the standard EPNY similar in fit to the November/December iteration of the chambray speckled shirt you offered for pre-order?
Hey guys, I don't have much experience with shirt sizing. The only experience I had was when I ordered the chambray speckled shirt you guys did a preorder for back in November. I ordered a medium and it was a bit small for me. Does this mean I am a Large in standard EP shirt sizing Cheers! Felipe
I love the idea of a slubby texture tie - maybe a gray/silver textured tie. I know Yellow Hook makes some tremendous textured ties. I was going to go that route but got nixed by my wife. She preferred the traditional wedding tie. That said, I was like you (I posted a pic a few pages ago) - straightforward navy blue suit, simple light blue shirt and a silver wedding tie. I felt that a navy tie would have been too dark. I think a pindot navy tie would be a bit better,...
which one is this one?
Copper Spice - is that your version of a "Rust" color?
Will the EFF Rivets be in the old Rivet style or the new Rivet style?
I remember I called the Woodbury outlet several years back asking if they had a tux. turns out they had a Purple Label one in my size and marked down in an additional sale they were having. My cost? $500. It retailed for $4-5k. The best "find" I ever found.
picked up a bunch of regining champ stuff.
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