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I denied the request, respectfully, and told him I appreciated at how he went about doing it. I did explain that I did have the "no returns" on there because of a bad experience of getting burned. He told me he assumed they fit big since other RRL slim boots seem to fit big but they were pretty TTS (in my experience, slim boots are pretty consistently sized). Anyway, we'll see.
Thanks for the comments, guys. My main fear is the craziness of ebay in that it is buyer lenient. He can very easily register a complaint that argues that size was not inline with standard sizing. Whatever. I'm leaning to denying his request especially since he ended up getting the jeans for 25% less than what I was asking for.,
Question for you ebay sellers. I just sold a pair of RRL jeans. They were worn approximately 3-4 times and otherwise great condition. I sold them for a great price for someone. I specified no returns on my items but this guy - very professionally - asked for a return b/c the jeans were too tight (31x32 slim fit boot cut, fwiw). I did not list measurements in my listing as the sizing on slim boots have been fairly consistent for me and not many jeans do offer...
Very nice - which pants are these? Are they denim?Beaut! Which one on the site is this? Don't see it.First off, where'd you kop at such a discount and second, is the one on the far right wool or cotton?
price cut to $90
HAve you checked out the Tysons Galleria RL store? They're changing that one quite a bit. It's now HEAVILY RLPL/RLBL whereas before it had a ncie mix of PRL, RLPL, RLBL.
Nice. There's not a ton there. PSA - I will say that there's a peacoat - M. It has a corduroy collar - very bulky though. Very warm. It fits big. It is hanging on the mannequin last weekend. It's down to ~$300.
Yep, they have plenty of stock. Today is supposed to be the last day so I'd hurry up and get there. Call ahead first.I didn't get a chance to ask why.
The guy I know there told me they're shipping everything up to NY by Friday (this week). Sucks.
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