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Thanks for the info, Rob. I don't see the red chambray shirt on your site - did it sell out?The one nit I have with the shirt I received (just a small nit) was that the cuff was unusually wide. It seemed inconsistent with the rest of the fit (which was perfect). Not sure if you've heard that from others, but it's my only comment outside of the great fit.
Just received the oxford stripe from Rob. Fantastic fit. Was shocked at how well it fit - nice high collar, soft material, etc. My question - I'm wearing a YH2 and it fits perfect...is there much shrinkage with these shirts? There's a little room to shrink, I suppose, but just wondering. also, it's hard to see the difference b/w the pink chambray and the pink oxford. Any high level difference? Lastly, there's only one blue chambray on there - wasn't there another...
Nice. I find myself trying to justify taking the plunge on them but can't bring myself to
Thanks for the heads up! Made an order!
Anyone have their hoodies? Eyeing these: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=99827816 http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=99828016
Would like to get everyone's thoughts on cardigan sweaters. Been looking to buy one this winter and I'm eyeing RRL's selection. There are some wool, cotton, linen blends. The indigo ones are nice but is there a dye fade issue to be worried about? I was wondering what the general consensus for best overall caridan that RRL offers in terms of price/fit/quality... Classic shawl...
Yeah but those say 96/4 wool blend and made in Latvia. Are those the same ones that SNS sells on their website?
IIRC, the Waverly rarely goes on sale, no?
Thanks, all. Full disclosure, I'd be looking at almost 75% off retail.
That's fair. Personally, I love IWC but this recently came up as an oppty to take advantage of a deep discount and I wanted to see if there were opinions out there. I never bother to look at fashion brands because of the grossly marked up prices and (un)commensurate quality, but this was something I thought would be worth looking into. That's all.
New Posts  All Forums: