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How are you doing that? I tried putting the Fairmont in my basket and applied TURKEY15 but nothing happened - full retail.
Thanks! Which fabric was it?
Which one is the latter Invidualized?Also, do you dart your shirts?
Thanks, all. After looking at the other manufacturers, i think my wheelhouse look is Alden. Their straight captoe look is what I'm going for. The Carminas a few posts back are dynamite but a bit too much on the dressy side.
Toe box, mostly. I'm looking for that sweet spot right in the middle of work boot and dress boot.
Hi gents: I'm in the market for some boots. I am looking for some boots that would go with jeans and maybe chords (maybe even khakis). I just bought and returned a pair of vibergs. Excellent craftmanship but just too bulky for my tastes. I like the look in general but just not quite as bulky. Maybe chukkas are more up my alley? Dunno but I would love a pair of boots that are substantial enough like vibergs but without the bulk. Any recommendations in the $300-600...
Well gents, I tried a pair to see how I'd like it. I ordered the tan horsehide in 2030 and it just wasn't for me. A bit too bulky for me - not sure what I expected but it's not quite right. I'm looking for boots that are a bit less bulky. Any recs?
SIAP, but why can't you return them? That's what I'm doing if they don't fit.
@dekalog Nice I look forward to getting mine tomorrow!
Based on their history of releases (either on this thread or their IG feed), it looks like they're averaging a release per month. They just did the icy mocha so my guess will be beginning of December for another release?Of course this doesn't take into account stock list collabs. I think those are much more infrequent.
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