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Good night at Downtown B&G in Brooklyn (no spam): Maine Brewing Peeper, Mo and King Titus a taste of The Bruery's Hottenroth Berliner Weisse & a taste of Evil Twin's Ashtray Heart on tap (much smoother than in bottle).
Green Goblin, bitches!
Please go to graduate school. Please, please go to graduate school, especially if it's free. Read through this thread and the articles linked beforehand and understand what you - whoever you are - have to offer to current discourse and challenges to intellectual tradition, hopefully well grounded. Then, choose to go to grad school (twice, as Manton did). Go to graduate school directly out of university, so that you'll have your PhD around age 27 - that'll maximize your...
The Borders near Copley Square on Boylston and the store on School Street (near the old Old South) were havens. The areas are both mixed offices and retail, and the coffee shops tend to be small and overcrowded (L'Aroma, fer instance). I stopped in both Borders' locations all the time to take a break, grab a coffee, and sometimes even buy what I was reading. Both spots are prime real estate, and it'll be interesting to see if B&N tries to buy up those spaces or whether...
In response to the OP: Just walk away. Go find somebody else to fuck or date or marry or whatever, because you will. Translated: Bros before hos. Don't put that pussy on a pedestal. Why you slobbering over some dude's sloppy seconds? etc.
This is why I hate the internet. This could've been a cool underground story passed on from Beejoli to her closest friendsicles - sworn to secrecy!- who then blab it at parties until it goes down with "the time Bill Murray stole my latte at Starbucks and told me no one would ever believe me" tale in celebrity lore. Now we're left with the mental image of Quentin Tarantino's dick and the internet meme, "friendsicles."
[[SPOILER]] Didn't get anywhere nearly enough love. I would still kill Vashin for his gorgeous beat-ass grey TOJ moto, and then ride the rails back from Canuckistan to the land of swag freedom. I might take those Premiata shoes, too, if they fits.
I opened this thread and the Great Back Doors thread simultaneously - does that make me bi-curious?
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