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Hi guys    , I have my wedding coming up and have got my tuxedo tailored (single button, peak lapel, no vents, grosgrain facings - very happy with it). I will be wearing a marcella dinner shirt that I also had made and am looking for some cuff links to go with it (concealed mother of pearl buttons, not studs). Looking for opinions as to which of these two cufflinks would be more suitable to wear with the outfit (or if I'm way off target)? Saw a very nice set from Deakin &...
For the Perth people; I saw someone mention F.T Russel & Co for MTM and bespoke suits and shirts ( I just had my measurements taken by them for a dinner suit and shirt that I'm having done and the experience/service so far has been fantastic. It will be ready in about a month, so I'll post how the final product turns out once I have it.
Yeah, I agree. Am just interested in what the difference is between the different bristle type, as I've been reading up on shoe care products and only ever seen horse hair talked about.
What's the difference between that Saphir brush with boar bristles and those with horse hair that are the ones most talked about?
THey do - I'll go check them out, saves having to buy online (shipping is a killer). Thanks!
Getting my first pair of quality shoes and shopping for my shoe care products (have nothing currently). Does anybody know where to find horsehair brushes in Perth or on Australian online stores?
dasai - I returned it, it didn't fit me well. Have decided to go ahead and have a tuxedo tailored (single button, grosgrain peak lapel). foxmccleod - I feel that it did perhaps run a little small or maybe it was just more of a slim fit. I guess like you say, with the free return it may be worth a shot to try. I found out it was fully canvassed. Good luck = )
Sorry to revive this thread, but thought I'd avoid starting a new topic if possible. I am in the market for a black oxford shoe around the 300 pound price range (after VAT discount) and have my eye on the Church Consul (Last 176). I tried on a pair of Church 'Hong Kong' (Last 136) in size 7G at my local store and whilst the length was fine, they were tight width wise (could feel my big toe rubbing against the side). The size 7.5G was too long. I was wondering if anyone...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bone19 Finally some decent news for the forgotten children in Perth. F.T.Russell & Co is a perth based travelling tailor. they offer both Bespoke and M2M. ive commisioned both and i love the results. they are not the ceapest in town......well thats probably not true as there really isnt anyone in town 2pc half canvas M2M starts around $1900 and Bespoke full canvas at around $3300. Fiona, the owner, told me that all...
I'm also in the process of having a tuxedo tailor made and am trying to get my head around different fabric options. I was hoping some more experienced posters would be able to help me out. - First option is Dugdale Bros Formalwear 9oz plain black Barathea. - Another option is a plain black worested cloth from a wide range of places (Holland & Sheery, Harrisons, Thomas Fisher etc) -Third option is to have a mohair blend. I'm after a classic single button, peak...
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