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Indeed, AWE-SOME pants. Is it possible to buy Panta online?
Is Norway good enough?
It's been "in" among young people for at least the last 3 years. I have to confess there started my passion for shirts
Hi gentlemen,I couldn't resist the temptation to get one of those Daniel Wellington watches posted here some days ago. So I ordered one and I received it this morning. I have had it only for few hours now, so I can't comment with deep knowledge. But so far I'm happy with it as it has very nice pros. It's very lightweight. You barely notice when wearing it. The nato strap seems hard so I guess it will last. The crown is big, not huge but big (40mm, so in the limit for my...
LOL! Next year I'm getting married and I have to decide between using one of these (Bunad in Norwegian) or a normal three-piece suit. Considering the price of Bunads, I'll go for a Brioni (and I'll even save money).
Wool. That's the most important thing to pack. With a wool first layer (long sleeve t-shirt, over the calf socks and if you are very cold also boxers), plus a wool medium layer (pullover or buy a Norwegian jersey) + a normal winter jacket you'll be fine (the type anyone would wear going skiing). Also don't forget gloves, a scarf and something to cover your head. This is considering worst case scenario in Northen Norway. In Bergen for instance, which is in the south...
No shoes inside the house is the norm in Scandinavia. And I like it, specially when having people visiting, as it helps keeping the floor clean.
After reading this thread, I'm craving a knit tie.
You gotta love that suit!
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