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Mid to dark blue. Lila maybe...
I was told at the store in Barcelona that all models in their catalog can be make if a costumer asks for it, even if it's not longer in stock in any of their stores. BUT in this case it's consider a custom order and thus it costs 30% more. Of course for that extra money you're entitled to ask any combination you like from the options they offer.
1/10 troll
He's exactly who I pictured in my head when I first saw the shirts.
Smoking a Diplomaticos No. 2 as I browse SF. Totally recommended.
I was curious and I calculated how much exactly I have spent since I joined SF: 6,530 € (or 8,526.77 US$). That is since May 2011. Not that much compared to other bros here, and I have to say in my defense that I built my wardrobe from 0 and now I pretty much have all the basics. Still, I hope my wife won't find out or I'll sleep on the couch...
Same here
FIH always, unless the tie gives a very small knot. In that case I go for a Pratt.
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