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I recently commissioned a pair of MTO cordovan double monks. Will post pics as soon as I receive them.
This.Although I recently tried (and loved) Esencia by Loewe and I also strongly recommend it.
Challenge accepted.
Agree.Whenever I get to travel to Madrid I go to a (very old) small store next to Plaza Mayor where I get them for something around 5€ a pair. They hold the entire summer season quite nicely.
I do it myself. A couple of months ago a big fish around here got a shoe shine and gave the guy 100€. True story.
Hope OP gets the package... I personally prefer USPS whenever I order something from the US to Europe. The Priority tracking system works quite well. And I really dislike the abusive practices private couriers use with all the import duties and stuff.
Mid to dark blue. Lila maybe...
I was told at the store in Barcelona that all models in their catalog can be make if a costumer asks for it, even if it's not longer in stock in any of their stores. BUT in this case it's consider a custom order and thus it costs 30% more. Of course for that extra money you're entitled to ask any combination you like from the options they offer.
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