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I ordered a couple of months ago and got my socks after aprox. 3 weeks, but the status at their website never changed from "Being Prepared". So I guess sometimes it just doesn't update the status.
Same at the Carmina boutique in Barcelona. One of the SA is Japanese and although she serves everyone, it looks like she's there because most of their clients are Japanese.
[[SPOILER]] Very nice shoes there! I'm going to Madrid in April, definitely I'll have to pay a visit to their store.
Great post Jermyn. Thanks for sharing!
Pics and deets?
Hi, I just want to ask what difference, quality wise and if any, there is between the new batch of Battisti ties and the "old" ones, as the new ones are almost half the price.
Merry Christmas to everyone!
That's also my experience.I read somewhere (sorry, don't remember where) that the weaving also determines how the shirt wrinkles, for instance an oxford or a poplin shirt will be more wrinkle resistant than a plain one.
That's the paradox. If you want to buy nice high quality clothes at a reasonable price, you'll have to buy them in the USA or maybe England. In case you find something in a developing country, which might be difficult, it will probably be very expensive even for our standards. I live in continental Europe, and I tend to buy a lot at American online stores... Even for items made in Europe. Discounts at American stores are way higher than those in most European stores (of...
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