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I got my suit so now I can now comment about the final result. In general I'm very happy. That is, of course, considering that the suit is on the lower price point. But that's something to be expected, since no one could assume to get a Kiton or a Savile Row bespoke suit for 500€. The fit is good, it really looks that was made for my measures. The pants are comfortable and the general construction of the suit looks nice. But I have to agree that the biggest problem is with...
That's good news. Although the name could be better, I expect good quality shoes. Of course nothing comparable to Carmina considering the prices, but maybe in the range of Loake, etc.
Yes, always.
Terre d'Hermès, Parfum.
Last week I got my test suit. They basically nailed it. I guess at some point next week I'll get the final suit and can't wait to see how it looks and fits with the minor corrections I ordered and with the actual fabric (100% wool, 275 gr).
Hahaha! I'm right there now... And a couple of days ago she got pissed as hell at me because I was putting too much pressure on her just because I talk constantly about the suit
Mauve with purple edge PS with navy suit and light blue shirt + purple tie. Yay or nay?
OMG!!! Worst thing it gets 70something positive rate
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