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Dude, I would not by any means consider a Grand Seiko a poor man's watch
I really like all your stuff! The wallets are gorgeous and the briefcase (all, but specially the navy and mocha ones) are amazing! I now regret I bought a Filson briefcase just a few months ago... And also wallet
An Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra. I like classics
Looks legit to me. I'd buy from him / her.And I'd go for a green bag (Otter green).
And that's the reason I pulled the trigger and got myself a brand new Omega Although mine is meant to be used and not as an investment. But certainly they will get more expensive in 3, 2, 1...
The same is true on the Park last.
Around 25. Half of them spring / summer and the other half fall / winter. The difference between them are pretty much color and not so much thickness.
Great bracelets! Wearing (and loving) a couple of the leather ones right now
Moral can be relative. I tend to think that project themselves with their choice of clothing and that classical clothing (which does not mean old) can be seen as an statement of some social values we should not loose. Though they seem nowadays also from a bygone era
I am still a newbie, so here comes a newbie question: AE Fifth Avenue in walnut to be worn (mostly) with chinos?
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