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Yes, always.
Terre d'Hermès, Parfum.
Last week I got my test suit. They basically nailed it. I guess at some point next week I'll get the final suit and can't wait to see how it looks and fits with the minor corrections I ordered and with the actual fabric (100% wool, 275 gr).
Hahaha! I'm right there now... And a couple of days ago she got pissed as hell at me because I was putting too much pressure on her just because I talk constantly about the suit
Mauve with purple edge PS with navy suit and light blue shirt + purple tie. Yay or nay?
OMG!!! Worst thing it gets 70something positive rate
Just received 5 pairs of thick cotton socks. They look very nice and fit well. The only problem so far is that they took forever to arrive (almost 1 month). I'll comment on quality and durability when I have more experience with them.
Hi gentlemen, While I save for a REAL briefcase, I came to the one you can see below. It's used (by a relative) and thus, free. Quite simple, not even sure if it's 100% high quality leather (or actual leather for that matter). Thoughts? Is it good enough to use it for a couple of months before I buy a real one?
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