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Hahaha! I'm right there now... And a couple of days ago she got pissed as hell at me because I was putting too much pressure on her just because I talk constantly about the suit
Mauve with purple edge PS with navy suit and light blue shirt + purple tie. Yay or nay?
OMG!!! Worst thing it gets 70something positive rate
Just received 5 pairs of thick cotton socks. They look very nice and fit well. The only problem so far is that they took forever to arrive (almost 1 month). I'll comment on quality and durability when I have more experience with them.
Hi gentlemen, While I save for a REAL briefcase, I came to the one you can see below. It's used (by a relative) and thus, free. Quite simple, not even sure if it's 100% high quality leather (or actual leather for that matter). Thoughts? Is it good enough to use it for a couple of months before I buy a real one?
I ordered some weeks ago from them. Last week I received the test shirt, which is from their Premium line. I was amazed on how good the fit was, specially considering it's the first time I order from them. The fabric is just nice, like most shirts in the 100 - 150 US$ range. I'm now waiting for the rest, which are Black Label so I expect them to be even better. I'll update this thread when I get them.
Talking about boots, I just got these: Herring Gosforth chukka boots with Dainite sole.
Just a wedding ring. And I do wear it because I don't want to sleep on the couch...
I received the Fillis last week and I have to say that I'm very pleased. The belt is very well made and it looks fantastic. But even better is the costumer service they provided, with an outstanding communication. And the package was amazing, with very nice details.
You Sir, are full of win!Deets on pants?
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