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I would not pay more than 200 US$ for that suit. Even if I liked it, which I don't. For 700 bucks you can get way better suits here, at the Marketplace section.
Hi, one quick question. I am not in a hurry, but in a few months time I will probably pull the trigger and get a pair of AS Armfield, but as for today my size is out of stock. Do you restock sizes often?
I just bought 3 watches in the last few months... If only I had known this beauty was coming...
Thanks for the quick reply. Actually the SC being unconstructed makes it even more interesting. Well done!
I am a watch enthusiast and in those type of watches what I appreciate has more to do with either the movement or the history of the watch. I like small watches in general, but 30 mm is way too small for me to wear. So this would be a watch I'd have in my collection just to see and not to wear.
One question I have after playing around with the designer. What's the difference between a Jacket and a Sports Coat? I can see that designing a Jacket offers many more options than designing a SC. But the fabrics are pretty much the same and they cost also the same.
I always wondered who was behind the camera, because the pictures are stunning, since he started posting few years ago. So thumbs up for her and for Victor
I have to say that I am impressed by the website. Looks promising One question, I read that import duties are covered. Also for Norway?
Is it the Reverso Grande series or the traditional Reverso?
Love the combinations of patterns and colors. 5 stars!
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