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I don't think this combo will get too much love around here.
You have good taste both in clothing and cars. Enjoy it in good health!
Last week I received a batch of polos, washed them in warm water and tumble dried them. I didn't have any issue with shrinkage. If they shrank it is imperceptible to my naked eye. The fit and the quality are awesome!
Well, a real good suit will cost you way more than $200. But I wouldn't pay more for that Burberry suit. Why? Because I personally don't think it is worth more. I say this because for the amount of money they ask, you can find real high quality and well cut suits.700 dollars for that Burberry suit is too much. The mark up is IMO huge. You are paying a lot for the brand. For that money if you look around you can find full canvased, high quality wool suits with a lot of hand...
I would not pay more than 200 US$ for that suit. Even if I liked it, which I don't. For 700 bucks you can get way better suits here, at the Marketplace section.
Hi, one quick question. I am not in a hurry, but in a few months time I will probably pull the trigger and get a pair of AS Armfield, but as for today my size is out of stock. Do you restock sizes often?
I just bought 3 watches in the last few months... If only I had known this beauty was coming...
Thanks for the quick reply. Actually the SC being unconstructed makes it even more interesting. Well done!
I am a watch enthusiast and in those type of watches what I appreciate has more to do with either the movement or the history of the watch. I like small watches in general, but 30 mm is way too small for me to wear. So this would be a watch I'd have in my collection just to see and not to wear.
One question I have after playing around with the designer. What's the difference between a Jacket and a Sports Coat? I can see that designing a Jacket offers many more options than designing a SC. But the fabrics are pretty much the same and they cost also the same.
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