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Just out of curiosity... Does Meermin have cordovan shoes with Dainite sole (or similar rubber sole)?
Well, I now want to visit Napoli...
[[SPOILER]] I love your posts. I always learn something new.
Sneakers (outside the gym).
Sorry for bringing back this thread from almost 2 years ago. I just saw that Luciano Barbera also wore his watch over the cuff. Inspired by Agnelli or the other way around?
I think he's trolling...
Nice story, bro!
Just put them inside your luggage or wear them.
There's not one single piece of RTW clothes I don't have to alter at least slightly. That's the reason I almost always go bespoke or MTM with shirts, suits and SC.
The subscribed threads index was very useful... Hope they put it back in place.
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