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Hi guys! I just wanted to publicly congratulate Ian for his amazing shop. I recently purchased a couple of items and I couldn't be happier with the products, the service and the extremely fast delivery (and they had to cross the Atlantic!).
I'm currently living in Barcelona. I agree with the previous replies: just wear normal clothes (normal in SF standards ) Though I'd really be aware of pickpocketing. Probably it won't happen to you, but better be safe than sorry. My advice is to avoid Las Ramblas area specially during nighttime, but since you're staying there... The big problem there is that (you'll see it) it gets incredibly packed with people. And it's impossible to have everything 100% under...
Thanks for the inputs guys!!
I'm a young man and I wear burgundy penny loafers. Actually I do wear them in combination with either chinos (navy or beige) or jeans, which I think it's a winning combination. Specially because you get an informal / young but yet stylish image.
Hi guys! I decided to get a pair of 649s. But I need some advice on the color. The choice is between Havana and Light Havana, so there's really not a huge difference. But... Any opinions and why? Havana: Light Havana:
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm he had hundreds of marinella ties made annually and gave them out as gifts, etc. good find. camera photos suffice. Not very into Italian politics nor news, but if I recall correctly I read in a newspaper article that not long ago he spent in a shopping spree around 100K Euros in ties in Napoli...
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRogers If you're buying the cloth from a shop, get them to send it to her themselves. This will be easy if the shop is within the EU and they will know what to do. If you have the cloth yourself and you're outside the EU, I would suggest a courier over the postal system. As far as avoiding tax, I think that's something the courier company might help you with. I don't know how exactly it works in Italy, but...
Nudie and Dr. Denim (the Swedish brand, I think there's another one with same or similar name). Although the best suiting and quality ones I've ever had were Diesel, but then they started to switch to a bling bling football player style.
Quote: Originally Posted by tshaw Congrats, Spoo!!! GORGEOUS suit!! I esp. love the cuffs! Nice suit! Is this fabric in a easy to find catalog?
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