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Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRogers If you're buying the cloth from a shop, get them to send it to her themselves. This will be easy if the shop is within the EU and they will know what to do. If you have the cloth yourself and you're outside the EU, I would suggest a courier over the postal system. As far as avoiding tax, I think that's something the courier company might help you with. I don't know how exactly it works in Italy, but...
Nudie and Dr. Denim (the Swedish brand, I think there's another one with same or similar name). Although the best suiting and quality ones I've ever had were Diesel, but then they started to switch to a bling bling football player style.
Quote: Originally Posted by tshaw Congrats, Spoo!!! GORGEOUS suit!! I esp. love the cuffs! Nice suit! Is this fabric in a easy to find catalog?
Quote: Originally Posted by Chrenetique They do are business appropriate. Nevertheless, watches must be avoided for formal occasions. Interesting idea, please explain
I think they'll have to specialize in what they do better, that it's differentiate the product. Make better clothes, invest in research and development to create new ways of be more cost efficient without compromising quality, etc. Plus, I personally think we'll see a change in mentality: last decades was all about buying a lot of stuff, no matter what. Whereas now we're probably more conscious when spending, which doesn't mean that we're less prone to spend, but we'll be...
I like how it fits
IMO ventless jackets are either good or a bad option depending on the use you want to give them. I wouldn't wear this kind of jackets in a formal suit, whereas I do wear ventless jackets in informal settings. For instance I prefer ventless in my linen jackets.
All 3 look very nice, but if I had to pick, I'd go for nr. 2
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade Marcello Mastroianni Cary Grant Jimmy Stewart George Plimpton Fred Astaire Gianni Agnelli Antony Eden Dean Acheson Vittorio De Sica Alistair Cooke +1 for Marcello Mastroianni
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