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Thanks!Actually, I do love Dainite soles. I was skeptical the first time I bought a pair of shoes with this type of sole a few years ago. But they have grown into me to the point that now pretty much every new shoe I buy comes with Dainite soles, even if that means I have to pay extra (i.e. have to order an MTO instead of buying stocked shoes). Only my black plain cap toe oxfords have leather sole.TBH this comes out of convenience. Where I live it rains on average 2 out of...
Yesterday I received my new Loake Pimlico. They are going to substitute my now retired Herring Gosforth II, which if I am not mistaken are made by Loake (Kempton). I have to properly try them on the field, but so far I like the Pimlico best.
Check also Herring's Charles II. They are made by Alfred Sargent on their 109 last. Never seen them live, though. My only experience is what I have read about them, but apparently the construction is outstanding and the difference in price compared to AS's Armfield is explained by them changing some small details. So they look like a good alternative.
That is sadly my experience. So yeah, unless price is the only driving force, it is totally worth to spend a little bit more on a safer bet.
Gentlemen, These arrived today
After reading JezeC's review, I have decided to also share my personal experience with Meermin. First of all, I have to say that I really wanted to like this brand. Their customer service is very good and it is always something to appreciate that a company is trying to bring decently constructed shoes at a low price point, so people that otherwise would not buy "good shoes" can actually afford them and pull the trigger. But sadly my personal experience has not been good. I...
Hi gentlemen, Which is Yanko's most similar last to Carmina's Rain?
I don't see any problem with a navy wallet. For me it is an elegant color and if a see someone with a navy, well made quality wallet I think that this person has more refined taste than the average John Doe.
This is a nice suit. In this case I'd ignore the poly content. In general Suitsupply provides a good quality for the price they ask, so I'd be confident that this suit is on the same level as the other ones they have. And the fabric is Reda, which is not an unknown mill.
No, in this case I'd recommend you to get the 915 in the same size as the Park last, that is a UK 7.5.
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