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Hi gentlemen, I ordered a couple of pants. One with VBC fabric and the other one Loro Piana. I will comment on the result when they arrived (scheduled by the end of September / beginning of October). What I can comment on so far is the way to take and introduce measurements. And I can only speak positively about it. It is quite thorough compared to other sites I have used in the past and it is very easy to follow. Each step is done via an almost fullscreen video showing...
I guess sartorial ignorance is bliss: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonkblog/wp/2015/08/05/i-wore-shorts-to-the-office-and-nothing-will-ever-be-the-same/?tid=sm_fb Worst thing is that he gets paid for writing those type of things!
@SartodiNapoli I've been reading your posts the last few years and in general I agree with many of your points. But I think you should calm down a little bit. Lately all your posts are very aggressive and in cases like in this post, not even called for. I have no clue who this Aristocrata is, and the only times I have heard about him is from you. It seems that you just have to mention him whenever you have the opportunity. The best way to demonstrate that he is not a...
I'd say comparable to LM are Herring, some of Loake models and I heard that Yanko as well (although no personal experience with Yanko).
Love it!The simplicity, cleanness and understatement of the combo makes it an absolute winner. The only thing I'd change is the belt (I'd go for a brown suede one, to match the loafers).Deets on the pants? BB maybe?
At least they are not lying
Hej! I saw in your web a pair of Carmina black cap toe oxfords with rubber sole but most of the sizes are sold out. Will these be restocked?
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