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All my shoes with Dainite or Dainite clones are pretty much equivalent in terms of how the sole feels and behaves. I doubt Carmina would use soles that are worse than original Dainite. Regarding Meermin, my experience is in general negative. But then again, they are in another class compared to Carmina or Carlos Santos.
Good luck mate! You do have a nice selection
[[SPOILER]] Deets on that beautiful, beautiful tie?
Regarding delivery time, it took just one week since I ordered several pairs until I got them home in Northern Europe. Very satisfied.
Great watch! I always liked the Bambino, very classy looking watch.If only Orient made a =
Have you tried Royal Oud by Creed? Probably one of the best woody / musky scents out there, together with Bois de Portugal, also from Creed.
I agree. Sartorial is probably the best scent Penhaligon's produces. That being said, I can also recommend Blenheim Bouquet and Castile.Of course all depends on what type of fragrance you are looking for.
Regarding size, I do agree with some of the previously mentioned ideas that dress watches should be under 38 mm. I have owned many watches in the past years, from mass produced watches to luxury watches, from obscure brands to vintage watches. I really love them. But I have to say that my taste has deeply evolved from when I started collecting watches. My first "real" watches were big, very big. 42 mm for "dress" watches big. I still remember the first time I bought a...
Gentlemen, I've reading thoroughly this thread and I still can't make any sense of Carmina's sizing. Might be that it's Friday Anyway, my only Carmina's are a Rain last in UK 7. BUT, all the other shoes I have are a UK 6.5 (C&J, Alden, Yanko, Meermin, Loake, Herring, etc.). And all of them fit perfectly. I can't really tell any difference in how they feel, including Carmina's. Question is, if I get a Carmina in Forest last, should I go UK 7 as in the Rain I own, or...
Gentlemen, I present to you my latest addition. Dark brown cap toe derby in last 962 with full rubber sole. MTO via @Skolyx .
New Posts  All Forums: