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No, in this case I'd recommend you to get the 915 in the same size as the Park last, that is a UK 7.5.
Because of this: Or this: Or this: (Pics are not mine, they are taken from the Internet)
The Rain last is on the snug side, but I never felt it tight. Even when they were new, the shoes were very comfortable.As I wrote before I haven't taken the Yanko's "on tour" yet, so my experience is limited to a few steps up and down at home. But still, I'd say they feel very similar, even if it is .5 smaller in size.If you have tried Meermin's Linea Maestro, their Park last feels tighter (also a size UK 6.5).
The last is 915. If I am not mistaken, almost all of Skolyx's Yanko shoes are made in this last.As for the size, I'd recommend to go down 0.5 compared to Carmina's Rain last. I use a UK 7 in Rain and got these Yanko 915 in a UK 6.5.
I got them from www.skolyx.se which is run by a Styleforum member
Gentlemen, A few days ago I received a new pair of plain black oxfords in last 915. My first impression is very positive. The shoes look very well made, nice finishing details and the leather appears to be very good, smooth and nice. Haven't worn them outside my house yet, so my experience with them is very limited. But in the couple of minutes I wore them to try them on, I felt the shoes to be very comfortable and the last adapts very well to the form of the feet. It...
Hi gentlemen, I ordered a couple of pants. One with VBC fabric and the other one Loro Piana. I will comment on the result when they arrived (scheduled by the end of September / beginning of October). What I can comment on so far is the way to take and introduce measurements. And I can only speak positively about it. It is quite thorough compared to other sites I have used in the past and it is very easy to follow. Each step is done via an almost fullscreen video showing...
I guess sartorial ignorance is bliss: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonkblog/wp/2015/08/05/i-wore-shorts-to-the-office-and-nothing-will-ever-be-the-same/?tid=sm_fb Worst thing is that he gets paid for writing those type of things!
@SartodiNapoli I've been reading your posts the last few years and in general I agree with many of your points. But I think you should calm down a little bit. Lately all your posts are very aggressive and in cases like in this post, not even called for. I have no clue who this Aristocrata is, and the only times I have heard about him is from you. It seems that you just have to mention him whenever you have the opportunity. The best way to demonstrate that he is not a...
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