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Bumping and reducing asked price! 350 US$ + shipping
TBH I haven't worn this one. I bought it because I had some money left on a gift card.It feels Ok, on the thin side. But it is not as good as the other ones listed here. I'd say it's on a par with the The Tie Bar's.
For sale some shoes and boots from my collection. All pairs are in very good condition. Except the Carmina full brogue pair that has seen more action, the rest are worn under 10 times each. Sold as is. The reason I am selling is to rationalize my collection. Nothing wrong with the shoes. They have always been stored with a shoe tree, but shoe trees are NOT included. Can add them for 15 US$ each. Only C&J come with original box. Can ship anywhere at 50% of actual...
I am selling part of my tie collection. In total 24 ties, the vast majority of which have been worn once or twice. The condition of most of them is at least very good. A couple (navy Kent Wang's grenadine and yellow Kiton) need re-stitching in the back loop. Some might need pressing. They are sold as is. The reason I am selling them to rationalize my collection and not to maximize economic return. Therefore I am selling all them as a bundle and not one by one (at the...
All my shoes with Dainite or Dainite clones are pretty much equivalent in terms of how the sole feels and behaves. I doubt Carmina would use soles that are worse than original Dainite. Regarding Meermin, my experience is in general negative. But then again, they are in another class compared to Carmina or Carlos Santos.
Good luck mate! You do have a nice selection
[[SPOILER]] Deets on that beautiful, beautiful tie?
Regarding delivery time, it took just one week since I ordered several pairs until I got them home in Northern Europe. Very satisfied.
Great watch! I always liked the Bambino, very classy looking watch.If only Orient made a =
Have you tried Royal Oud by Creed? Probably one of the best woody / musky scents out there, together with Bois de Portugal, also from Creed.
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