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Hi, I am looking for Pal Zileri Lab shirts and sportcoats in Size 40. Willing to buy small or large quantity. Prices negotiable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Wow, what a beauty! If only a size 50.
WTB: Naked & Famous - Weird Guy - Lightweight Painter Denim - Size 33 Please contact me. Thank you.
Just purchased from whusurdadi, but I'm a bit too fat for the pants. Givenchy, size 50, from the Ozwald Boateng line IIRC, navy, 2 button, side vents, flat front pants, plain hem, $225 -> $149. chest: 21.5" / shoulders: 19" / sleeves: 24.75" / BOC: 28" / pants: 35" x 28" with 11" rise. Original listing:
Photos are working fine for me. Great stuff!!
Wow, Great Megathread!!!
These are gorgeous! Wish I was an 8!
Great seller and awesome prices...BUMP
I just bought this shirt from Mack11211, but it is a little small on me. Photos are from the original listing, but I am happy to take additional photos on request. Looking to pass on this great deal to someone else, as I won't be able to get any wear out of it. Willing to accept trade offers. Truzzi 15.5" Rainbow stripe cotton broadcloth (measurements and description from original listing) The fabric here is a classic striped cotton broadcloth. The colors include blue,...
Thank you! This is incredibly helpful...going with black satin in a medium just need to figure out which shape I like best.
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