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i have no dog in this fight, i started my wolverine boot journey through this thread and have checked in off and on for a little over 2 years. i picked up my first pair of 1ks in 2011, they have seen a fair amount of wear. since then ive also picked up a pair of 744s, 721s, and a pair of 1k for my wife. my experience with this whole creasing thing is that it sucks when you have bought your first pair of "expensive" 1ks and find that they dont stay pristine for long. i got...
havent checked on this thread in a long time, but just wondering if anyone has heard about any new limited editions coming this year or next?
hey, i just picked up a pair of ray-ban "ultra" aviators, they were supposed to be a limited edition pair of glasses. there area few red flags coming up on these and i was wondering if there are any ray-ban experts on the forum here. any help would be appreciated.
hey, dont know where else to post this but if anyone who lives in the san francisco bay area is interested, the gap outlet in milpitas' "great mall" has selvedge denim for $20 a pair! they only had one pair in my size or i would have picked up a couple.
i was under the impression that you are supposed to oil the boots first before you sno-seal. though i cant remember the reason. on a side note, now that i treated with boot oil, im having trouble getting a shine.
i just used huberd's shoe oil on mine. worked great.
they are raw. unwashed. will it damage the denim to not soak them?
i got a pair of levis 1947s and i was told two very different opinions on how to treat them. i was told by one salesmen that i should soak them no question, or wash before wearing, he said i had to do it or the denim would fall apart altogether. the other salesmen said it was ok to wear them for an extended period before washing without soaking them first. so whats the deal?
hey guys, i realize that this is a mens clothing place, but does anyone know if the womens 1000 miles run large as well?
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