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Any clue how these fit compared to the PRL Darlton/Marlow wingtip?
The Purple label made in Italy shoes are produced in a factory that Ralph bought in Italy. This was done apparently because his contract with EG was ending and was not to be renewed due to EG's insistence that shoes be produced only from existing lasts. I do not recall the name or location of this factory. This comes from talking to several sales associates at Polo locations around Washington DC.
I own several RLBL knit ties and like them. I was over at Chevy Chase MD polo a few days ago and they have them on sale. They are also on the website but you get an extra 25% off at the store.
I would wait until the private sale (twice a year) to buy those. They will go about 40% off. Next time it will happen is the fall. FWIW the Darltons are are sometimes known as the Marlows.
How are PRL's made to measure jackets? I recently was employed by polo as a summer job and as such have the ability to purchase a MTM products at a 50% discount. Being a college student it would still be an expensive proposition. However, I am a 36L and have no luck finding anything. I would be buying a MTM wool blue blazer for around $825. How customizable is the fit of a Polo MTM and who makes them? Would it be worth it to step up to RLBL? Any advice or...
qdogg29, Definitely try on a regular length. I am 6'4 and have been buying long suits all my life, but recently found that I fit into a regular much better. The length of the jacket is perfect on me and the sleeves have enough fabric tucked away. Freeride1
I just received my new Common Projects today, some white Achilles Lows. I love them but do they ever stop squeaking?
I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to how the sizing on Common Projects lines up with Converse Jack Purcells? I am a size 10.5 US in Jack Purcells and am looking at some Achilles Lows. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I just messaged you
I'm looking to buy my first Fred Perry polo. The problem is I am 6'4 and 166 pounds. I need a slim fit polo that is pretty long. Do Fred Perry's run short or long? Are they very slim? Thanks in advance
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