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Awesome pair of JM Weston with very little wear time; worn maybe 10 times at best and then stayed in the wardrobe for the last 5 years. I bought it in 2004 in Brussels Belgium at "Les Galeries Louise! This one was a special order featuring an oxblood Anilou instead of the regular box calf. Keep in mind that most of the JM Weston stores carry this model generally in black or tan box calf. The only reason this pair is on the block is because it does not fit me anymore,...
I too am new to Crockett & Jones. In fact if it were not for Style Forum, I probably would have stick to the same stuff. As for the 348 last, I'm afraid I'm not the right guy who can help here! However, my impression is that it is the sleekest last from Crockett:nodding:
I have been wanting a serious Oxford for a while and now I'm ready to pull the trigger; Hallam or Westbourne or other sharp looking alternatives in the same ballpark I may not be aware of? I would prefer a little bit of motif in the toecap area instead of the plain-looking cap of the Hallam, but I can't identify any model in the 348 last with such characteristics. Thanks in advance for your input.
This is a really nice pair! I think the current pictures don't do it justice! Maybe pics taken in daylight will do it.
I'm afraid they wont fit arrrgh!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek If only Alden made attractive lasts... From this angle it looks a bit like the famous JM Weston mocassin, my all time favorite as far as penny loafers are concerned (This is no secret by now ).
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett If you want some Alden LHS pr0n They look great, particularly this one!
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer That picture is a great example of too much break. It looks sloppy and either means you bought the wrong length or you have gained weight and now are forced to wear your Pants way too low +1000 to that!
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