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If the XL fits well in the neck and shoulders & chest, you could have the sides taken in or darts put on the back to keep it trim around your midsection. But making drastic alterations to the pattern always risks throwing off the balance. You may get it well fitted around your 10" drop torso, but then the sleeves could look really baggy unless you take those in well - and then you're spending quite a bit on alterations for an off the rack shirt, and it might never seem...
When buying the car, my wife and actually I tossed a coin to decide between blue and white; blue won. But just before doing the paperwork she reneged and pleaded for the pearl white as "that way it won't clash with anything I'm wearing". She was sheepish but also kind of serious (and as an Aussie expat, loves white vehicles.But thanks, I'm really liking this Subaru so far
Meanwhile, in a different price bracket... Picked up this 2014 Forester in March. The extra ground clearance and AWD will be welcome in navigating the icy, rutted side roads of my city in winter. Plus more room all around for hauling people and gear for trips to the Rockies
Hmm, I have 3 ESF Supima Oxfords (USA made) in a 16x35. I'm 6'2" 185 lbs w ~6" drop (39/33 chest/waist) and these seem a bit tight across the shoulders and upper chest. When buttoning it without a tie I need to leave 2 undone as with only one undone, the fabric is visibly pulling around the 2nd button right at clavicle level. The shoulder seams fall at the right place and the shirt has lots of excess fabric around the waist and stomach.I'd agree with others who said...
Alden 904's in chocolate suede. First time wearing them with such a light trouser and I quite like the contrast. Trying to bring a bit of spring into my dress, despite the un-melted snow, yellow grass and grey skies of my surrounds.
Perth (lived there in 2007, soon-to-be wife followed me back from there) Victoria, BC I guess I dig small-to-mid sized cities with outdoor lifestyles - as long as they have little enclaves of neat shops and restaurants. I could throw Lyon, France, and Istanbul in there but I don't know how long I'd last in either.
[[SPOILER]] NOBD, your fits are always spot on - love your predisposition to suede belts.May I ask who makes the shoes? They look like 3 eyelet bucks..
If they're comfortable now, a wider size may be too loose (and could result in ugly creasing) in the toebox. You'll get more volume around your toes too. While the "fit" isn't ideal, it's more of a cosmetic issue due to the lacing style.Maybe consider exchanging it for a blucher model, like this:
It means you have a higher instep - it's not the the shoes are too narrow, it's that there's not enough material to 'wrap' the sides around the tongue (think shallow vs deep shoe). I, uh, enjoy the same thing with my feet, but my one pair of Oxford laced shoes close up to a narrower vee. It does depend on the model of shoe. Width is something around the ball of your foot, usually.It also means most loafers are a no go as I can't get my foot under the tongue. Maybe...
We've moved from downtown with many rental/city sidewalks to a residential neighborhood - perhaps my new neighbors shovel in a timely manner and negate the need for salt to melt hard packed snow. We'll find out!
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