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Go to jcrew.com and sign up for their mailing list, so you get all their promo code when they sent it out. In principle every one of their promo codes exclude Alden, but sometimes it slipped through the crack and worked. You just have to give it a try when you get a promo code.
Thanks. That's very helpful.I'm not sure about how it compares to other Barrie boots, but I just got my JCrew captoe boots half size down my TTS and they fit very nicely.For your reference, I had my feet measured at an Allen Edmonds store to be 10D. But I wear AE Park Avenue in 9.5D and Dalton in 10D. I also have a pair of Alden last unlined chukka (Leydon last) in 9.5E. Both 10D and 9.5E fit my feet very well, but the unlined chukka has a really thin and soft upper I...
Just out of curiosity, anyone owns both Alden's chukka and AE's Dundee? I'm interested in seeing how they compared side by side.
Different lasts? I have the unlined Tan on Leydon last as well. Wearing the unlined chukka is like wearing a pick of socks that have a sole attached to them... feel very soft, comfortable, cool, and flexible. But I would prefer the lined version for cooler/colder weather.
Keep the Roy. If you regret your decision in the future, you can easily find another pair of Indy to order.
I have a number of Levis standard & slim fit trucker jackets purchased the past few years. The black Filson x Levis trucker jacket that I bought late last year is definitely the slim fit, much smaller than the standard fit Levis trucker jackets that I have. There are a number of people here said that the newer Filson x Levis jackets are bigger than when they were first released, but since mine was purchased in late 2012 (and black wasn't available before the second half of...
Nope. They don't really shrink. Levis currently has two cutting for their trucker jackets. Standard fit and slim fit. The Filson is the slim fit.
CXL can has have some pretty "thick" creases. I have two pairs of 1000 mile boots, and one pair of them crease rather differently on different foot. They look fine eventually as I wear them longer and both feet got more creases. But yours are really a bit extreme. I would contact Wolverine and send them the photos to see if they can do anything for you.
Renomat is ok to use on CXL. I just did. Bought a bottle of renomat to remove some old wax on a pair of dress shoes, and then I tried it on my 1k boots. No harm done.
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