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The phone requires 2-year contract though Ordering the trees
Hard to tell. Look inside the boot for the product code (starting with "W") and compare it to that on Wolverine website.no
The Courtland was just released this season, so not many have bought it yet. And personally I think the original plain toe looks the best..
Obenauf's leather oil comes with an applicator cap and you can apply the oil with it. Or you can pour a little bit onto a dry piece of cloth and the wipe in onto your boots.The oil darken the color very slightly, and you won't notice the color difference after a day or two when the oil is completely soaked. For conditioning the leather, oil works better than other products in my opinion. Wait a day or two for the oil to sink in completely and then apply other leather...
Paid on Nov 25 and I still haven't received my bag. PMed and emailed for tracking information and I have yet received any response.
Similar problem here.I wear 9.5D in AE Park Ave. I have a pair of brown 1000 mile boot in 10D, and a pair of #8 1000 mile boot in 9.5D. The 10D is a little bit big, but with a thin insole and wool socks it fits perfectly. With no additional insole, the 9.5D fits perfectly with thin socks. I think the main problem is that the 1000 mile boot has a very roomy toe box, making it "feels" too big even though the length is right. The 10D pair is about 8 months old and have...
Agree. Boot oil for regular conditioning (Filson or Obenauf boot oil are both fine), Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP or Snoseal once in a while to waterproof them. Boot oil also provide a little bit water resistance, but not as strong as the heavy duty stuff.
They look fine to me. Walking with your boot for a few hours outdoor will get blemishes worse than this. A little bit of oil/wax plus a few brushes and you won't notice them.
Did you just sell them on eBay? Why?
Someone please buy a pair of Krause and write us a detailed review
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