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I have a number of Levis standard & slim fit trucker jackets purchased the past few years. The black Filson x Levis trucker jacket that I bought late last year is definitely the slim fit, much smaller than the standard fit Levis trucker jackets that I have. There are a number of people here said that the newer Filson x Levis jackets are bigger than when they were first released, but since mine was purchased in late 2012 (and black wasn't available before the second half of...
Nope. They don't really shrink. Levis currently has two cutting for their trucker jackets. Standard fit and slim fit. The Filson is the slim fit.
CXL can has have some pretty "thick" creases. I have two pairs of 1000 mile boots, and one pair of them crease rather differently on different foot. They look fine eventually as I wear them longer and both feet got more creases. But yours are really a bit extreme. I would contact Wolverine and send them the photos to see if they can do anything for you.
Renomat is ok to use on CXL. I just did. Bought a bottle of renomat to remove some old wax on a pair of dress shoes, and then I tried it on my 1k boots. No harm done.
There is a new in box (seller claims it's overstock) pair of Walnut shell Dalton size 9.5D on eBay, with a buy-it-now price of $449.99... Excellent price, I'd have pulled the trigger if it's in size 10D. You are in luck if your feet are size 9.5.
Did you just mix up Alden with Allen Edmonds?
The phone requires 2-year contract though Ordering the trees
Hard to tell. Look inside the boot for the product code (starting with "W") and compare it to that on Wolverine website.no
The Courtland was just released this season, so not many have bought it yet. And personally I think the original plain toe looks the best..
Obenauf's leather oil comes with an applicator cap and you can apply the oil with it. Or you can pour a little bit onto a dry piece of cloth and the wipe in onto your boots.The oil darken the color very slightly, and you won't notice the color difference after a day or two when the oil is completely soaked. For conditioning the leather, oil works better than other products in my opinion. Wait a day or two for the oil to sink in completely and then apply other leather...
New Posts  All Forums: