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Is it the white balance or what? They look like Rust or Brown instead of Tan...
Is this new addition to the 1000 mile boot line? Suede version of the original plain toe 1000 mile boot? http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Wolverine-1000-Mile-Collection-Leather-Mens-Work-Boots-Size-8-Brown-2WW-/321119974468?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item4ac43df444 Don't see it on Wolverine website yet.
Ok, I thought they looked ugly back when they were first listed with a pricing error.Now I think they look hot and I regret not pulling the trigger.
Going to DC in two weeks, and will definitely pay Alden DC a visit. Are there any special model that are only available from Alden DC?
RenoMat is the way to go.
I believe AE's burgundy color is closer to Horween's #8 color. Alden's darker color is probably due to the post-Horween finish they applied to the leather. From wallets to watch straps, I have never seen any #8/burgundy Horween shell leather goods that look as dark as Alden's. And you can easily find photos online of aged Aldens (with the Alden's finish wearing off overtime) that look closer to AE's burgundy color.
I'm looking at them as well. I just searched "cordovan wallet" on that site, apparently there are Japanese tanners that produce "made in japan" shell cordovan.
4-5?I have a Huge Boss calf wallet that has a coin pocket on one side, and 5 card slots on the other. Another Paul Smith that is slightly smaller and offer 4 card slots. 3 card slots are just too few.
I am looking for shell cordovan wallet with coin pocket, what choices do I have? I kind of like the eBay one posted a page back, but would like to have one that has more card slots.
How much is this? I have been looking for a shell wallet with coin pocket for a long time.
New Posts  All Forums: