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I don't used any color specific polish with my 1000 mile boot and I mostly maintain them with boot oil. I used venetian shoe creme in the past which doesn't contain pigment and can give the boot a good shine if that is what you are after. I don't like how the 1000 boot looks when treated as dress boot, the toe box is too huge and it looks kind of silly when all polished up.When my boot was cut and I needed to fill some pigment into the exposed leather (I applied only to...
Sharpie.Just kidding. Rub wax or cream polish that match the color of the leather to the cut/scuff. Let dry, and brush. Maybe repeat a few times. The idea is to let the "natural colored" leather absorbed the pigment.
Don't worry about the tongue. First of all, it's the part where no one could see when you are wearing the boots. More importantly, the tongues will look a lot worse once you start wearing the boots, just Google some photos of used 1000 mile boots
It will suffice normal city wear. One doesn't need to worry too much about "water proofing" the boots. The boots have a certain degree of water resistancy by themselves, and boot oil will help a bit too. Unless you expect the boots to see a lot of rain (e.g. you are a storm chaser) or you live in a city where it snows all the time. Light rain won't hurt the boot much and if they are soaked in water, air dry them and re-oil them afterwards.
Those scuffs are nothing and they are unlikely "flaws" that make the boots a pair of second. Brush the boots rigorously with a horsehair brush for 30 seconds and they won't be noticeably. That being said, CXL can be scuffed pretty easily (but they are very durable, I'm saying this so that you can stop wasting time polishing them like a pair of dress boots as the shine won't last long) and even a pair of first would have these "scuffs" out of the box.
Received my factory second tan 1000 mile boot from Sierra today. Since it is a pair of second, it doesn't come with Wolverine shoe box (I own Red Wing's, Allen Edmonds', and Alden's, Wolverine's boxes are the best!). The color is more orange than I remember when I saw them in store. I was choosing between the tan 1000 mile boot and the Red Wing Beckman in chestnut color, and I was going to get the Beckman because I thought the tan 1000 mile boot that I saw were too yellow....
All the Nordstrom's I have been store have the 1000 mile boot on display. I'm not sure if they stock non-D width though.
mystlawer, have you ever tried E width (rather than D or M) shoes? That may help but certainly not the perfect solution since you may end up with a toe box that's too wide. Both Red Wing and Wolverine make shoes in E width, but definitely try them out in some brick and mortar stores before buying.
Damn. It seems that most of the interesting Plaza lasted boots at J Gilbert's are not in stock in my size and won't be until August/September.
Question: I am visiting Seattle later this month. Besides J Gilbert's, is there any store that stocks Alden that is worth checking out? (Or stores that stock shell shoes of other brands like C&J and Carmina?) Thanks!
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