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All the Nordstrom's I have been store have the 1000 mile boot on display. I'm not sure if they stock non-D width though.
mystlawer, have you ever tried E width (rather than D or M) shoes? That may help but certainly not the perfect solution since you may end up with a toe box that's too wide. Both Red Wing and Wolverine make shoes in E width, but definitely try them out in some brick and mortar stores before buying.
Damn. It seems that most of the interesting Plaza lasted boots at J Gilbert's are not in stock in my size and won't be until August/September.
Question: I am visiting Seattle later this month. Besides J Gilbert's, is there any store that stocks Alden that is worth checking out? (Or stores that stock shell shoes of other brands like C&J and Carmina?) Thanks!
obenauf or filson. This question is asked at least once every two or three pages in this thread.
Crane is right. You never know how long the boots had been sitting in the warehouse before it was shipped to you, or how many months/years the leather was piled up at a corner before made into boots. Just apply a coat of boots oil and let the oil air dry for a day before wearing. Heavy duty LP is not necessary unless you know you are going to wear the boots in a snow storm 7 days straight or you want to go swimming with them. And heavy duty LP darkens the boots...
I already own the brown and cordovan plain toe, and I was choosing between the Red Wing Beckman in chestnut or another pair of 1000 mile boot in tan. With this deal, I'm in for another pair of 1000 mile boot!
The last determines the shape of the size, see this video (1:48 onward)http://youtu.be/Xn3K--loPPU
The burnishing on that particular pair of boot looks awful though. But if this will be available later this fall, I'll probably order a pair.
I bought a pair of the JCrew captoe boot from one of those eBay sellers. There are shaprie marks on the insole and came with no shoe box. Other than that, I can't find any flaw in them. The upper leather is pristine. Only if I knew where they source these Alden shoes..
New Posts  All Forums: