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Really want to keep them, but you know - once you've seen it, it cannot be unseen - and it becomes more and more noticeable every time I look at it. I will bring them to a cobbler and see if he has any suggestion about how to fix it (of course I will have an hour long discussion with him before I left him touch the boot).
Advice needed. My Leather Soul plaza wingtip boots arrived today, but there are some stitching problems on the right boot. While I understand that the extra thread indicated by the blue circle can be fixed easily, I have no idea what to do with the problem in the red circle. Any suggestion? Oh... they somehow have also punched a hole in the tongue of the right boot. Should I return them? I'm more inclined towards keeping them since they look absolute gorgeous if I...
With people getting loan to buy shoes that they could not afford.
J Crew has written back to me to confirm that the leather on their Waxed Longwing Bluchers are indeed NOT Horween CXL leather. Below is the email they sent me:
Pre-ordered the Alden X J Crew waxed longwing (CXL) and it finally arrived today. Unfortunately it came with a cut in the right shoe near the ankle... If they were bought on eBay for $150 less than the retail price I would have kept them, but this is not what I would accept for full retail (and J Crew told me I have to wait again... oh well). Btw, this boots are supposed to be made of Horween CXL (according to J Crew website), but the leather actually feels like...
Brown sharpie (i'm serious) or apply some leather sole edge dressing. I think they are heavily waxed, so the pigment from normal shoe polish won't get soaked in easily.
They are Red Wing lineman boots. I don't think they are officially available in the US or Europe market (at least not on the websites), but they are pretty popular in Asian markets. Red Wing Japan website is flash based and is extremely slow, try Googling "Red Wing 2907" or "Red Wing 2914" to see more photos of them. They look ok from the side, but hideous from the front or top IMO.
I wouldn't if it wasn't necessary. If you pay attention to the discussion I was talking about adding pigment to the damaged spot of my boot where the leather was cut open.This is the first time I have heard someone suggesting that polishes with pigment shouldn't be used on CXL. I have seen people recommend against using pigmented polish on shell cordovan, and that's because the shell cordovan leather is so dense and the pores are so tiny that the pigment cannot penetrate...
I don't used any color specific polish with my 1000 mile boot and I mostly maintain them with boot oil. I used venetian shoe creme in the past which doesn't contain pigment and can give the boot a good shine if that is what you are after. I don't like how the 1000 boot looks when treated as dress boot, the toe box is too huge and it looks kind of silly when all polished up.When my boot was cut and I needed to fill some pigment into the exposed leather (I applied only to...
Sharpie.Just kidding. Rub wax or cream polish that match the color of the leather to the cut/scuff. Let dry, and brush. Maybe repeat a few times. The idea is to let the "natural colored" leather absorbed the pigment.
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