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Mine roll like that too. Definitely would roll more than the lined version. The unlined upper is simply more flexible and thus more sensitive to your foot movements.Shoe trees won't help reducing the rolls. Once they are there they are there. Shoe tress just reduce the appearance of the rolls when you are not wearing them.
Alden for JCrew LWB, worn only less than 5 times!.
Is it just the way photo is taken, or is the cap toe of the right shoe really mis-aligned?
"We’re sorry. This item has been so popular, it has sold out."Too late
Those Eagle County MTOs look awesome. I totally dismissed the standard Eagle County boots when I first saw them - it's like AE's attempt to make a Red Wing style work boot on a dress boot last. I'm tempted to order a pair of MTO now.
I use wax that matches the color of the shell. I use Alden paste wax (available in black, brown, color 8, tan) mostly because I already own them and they are cheap. Some people said that Alden wax are just rebranded Kiwi, not sure if that's true but I've never heard bad thing about Kiwi wax. Many have also commented that Saphir paste wax is superior... I have no experience with them. I guess I will give them a try in the (very distance) future when I use up my current stock.
Paste wax is the way to go.I have a pair of brown Dundee in shell. It came out of the box with thick chunk of unknown product on it. A damp microfiber cloth is very useful in removing these unwanted product. VSC helps removing these products and treating the leather as well, but I would start with just a damp cloth.AE and Saphir cordovan cream are both very good adding some color the leather (or even out the color, shells often have some uneven color spots) and introduce...
Saw the Rush Street in person today. The color is a lot darker than I thought. The website describes the color as "golden brown chromexcel leather", as oppose to "natural chromexcel leather" as on the Clark Street. So I suppose it is intentionally darker....
The new Rush Street looks nice... Basically Strand with natural CXL upper and a Dainite sole?
For sale is a pair of brand new in box Alden Natural CXL Indy Boots. These are size 9.5D in Trubalance last, so they fit like regular 10D. I ordered these from NRO almost a year ago and was told to expect a 8-week wait. Well, they finally arrived this week after a year and I want to sell them to finance some recently made purchases. Price is $450 shipped in the US, plus 3% PayPal fee. If you live in DC, you can pick them up in person and pay cash.
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