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Decision... tan suede Indy shoes Lined, double leather sole, Trubalance last or Unlined, single flex sole, (barrie last?)
Mr Clemson, where did you get these whiskey LWB? Or can someone tell me which retailer has a whiskey LWB list for me to sign up and wait for a year or two?....
Too many to list. It's very easy to distinguish which pair is made by AE and which pair is made by Alden however... even if they are BB branded. If you are not familiar with them enough to do so, post the link here and someone would be able to tell whether they are Alden made.All three seem to be on the Barrie last, judging by look at the shape of the bottom. At least their Alden-branded counterparts are Barrie lasted.
PSA: BB is having 30% off many shoes, including a number of Alden calf skin and suede shoes (no good deal on shell though). Just in time for...
AE/Nordstrom/JAB shoe trees are all made by Woodlore. Alden/JCrew she tress are all made by Rochester Shoe Tree Company.(Fun fact: Nordstrom sells Nordstrom branded shoe trees at Nordstrom... but they sell Woodlore shoe tress at Nordstrom Rack at a lower price. Yet they are all the identical except for the name on the metal plate.)I prefer Alden shoe trees to AE/Woodlore (standard) shoe trees. Their have better sanded edges and have bigger and rounder heels. But then the...
I'm a TTS 10D. The AE Dundee is in size 10D and the Alden Chukka is 9.5D. The Alden feels slightly wider, but only slightly so.
Creasing (it's more like folding in the case of shell cordovan) has more to do with how the shoes (or the last) fit your feet. As far as I know, C&J, AE, and Alden all use Horween shell cordovan and I don't believe there are different grades.Btw, I have both AE shell Dundee and Alden shell Chukka. The Alden is only 1 week old (vs 6+ months Dundee) and the Alden is already folding more... The folds are in no way excessive though
How does the 2045 last fit? I'm unfamiliar with Viberg sizing. My true size is 10D, and I fit into the following shoes in the listed size: Alden Barrie/Trubalance last = 9.5D Alden Plaza last = 10D AE Park Avenue = 9.5D AE Dalton = 10D Red Wing 875/877 = 10D Wolverine 1000 mile = 9.5D Thanks
I have the 1000 mile boots in brown, color 8, and tan. The leather on the tan one definitely feels very different from my other two pairs. The surface is a bit more sticky and not as smooth as the brown and color 8, and the leather itself doesn't have that "stuffed" feel of CXL. I remember reading that CXL can't be tanned to such light & bright color and so the tan is made with another type of Horween leather.
They serve other purposes. Such as absorbing moisture and maintaining the shape of the shoes over time. But they don't reduce rolls
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