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What? My 47 is not low rise at all. The few 511s that I have sit way lower than the 47.
They used to available only in Tan, and a new black version has just been made available http://www.filson.com/products/oil-finish-trucker-jacket.10502.html They are not available on Levi's website yet, but the Levi's store here in downtown Chicago has them. The store is also doing $100 off $250, so I added a t-shirt and got $100 off Now I want to get the Tan one as well... if I can find a place selling them with a good discount
My waist size is 30 and I had a pair of 30x34. I wore it before any soaking for about half a year, and it is about fit or tight fit. After soaking, it was very hard to button initially, but losen a bit to a tight fit. On other LVC I would say buying RAW true to size, but for the 47, I would recommend buying 1-2 inches larger because the butt and thigh of the 47 are much tighter than others ( I have a pair of 54 501z and 66 505 for comparison ).I
That was in the 50's, before Levi's was an international brand with many country specific models and many jeans made in 3rd world countries.I wouldn't be surprised to find a pair of modern non-counterfeit Levis 501 with zipper for $20 when visiting some Asian countries these days.
Could be, but not likely. It's not like Levi's had never released 501 with zipper before, especially non-LVC line, which is not supposed to be really authentic. Your best bet is to look at the label inside the jeans. In any case, sorry you didn't hit the jackpot.
They do make selvedge jeans regularly, you can easily find a number of them on levis website right now.
These are not 54. I have two pairs of LVC 54 501Z, one raw and one distressed. The 54 have big-E red tab, and does not have copper button.The 1967 505, which I also have, does have copper button, but it has big-E tab. My guess is that this is just some regular Levis 501 but perhaps some special model with zipper. EDIT: The lack of chain-stitch at the hem and the double stitched inseam suggest that this is not a pair of LVC.
They are different shoes. Leather, outsole, captoe, speak-hook, heel-reinforcement, color...
Probably. I'm also looking at their new offerings. Iron Ranger is now available in "Copper Rough & Tough", possibly Red Wing's softest leather I have a pair of Red Wing JCrew boots in this leather, they are so soft and comfortable that requires no break-in at all. Kind of like Horween Chromexcel but thicker, and, well.. more rough.
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