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I remember people said that AE's burgundy shell is lighter in color when compared to Alden's. They are both Horween's shell (I suppose they are both #8), so I guess it's the finishing methods that they use differ. I wonder how the new finishing method compare.
Yup, Gentleman Traveler model uses Chromexcel. It was later renamed to Beckman series, and used Red Wing's own Featherstone leather.The original Gentleman Traveler was a collaboration between Red Wing and Horween, after they found out that they were both founded in 1905 (I read that on Nick Horween's blog). So I guess you can think of it as some anniversary/special edition. But since Red Wing has their own tannery, and given the number of shoes they sell worldwide, it...
Hmm... "made in Horween shell No. 449 a rich dark brown cordovan"? How is that different from No. 8?Damn Leffot, if you want my $$ for pre-order, at least show me the whole boots!
I'm interested in your Tan in medium. I live in the US though. Send me a PM?
Order it from They do ship to Canada. Not sure if there is any Filson store in Toronto. Your best bet is to check your local Levi's store. Levi's tend to have sales (and online coupon) much more often than Filson.
The Filson ones are only available in slim fit though.
Red Wing's copper rough and tough leather is their CXL counterpart. They do feel similar on the foot, both are extremely comfortable even without any break-in. However, the copper rough and tough doesn't look as dressy as CXL can be.
BTW, if you pick p any Levis trucker jacket, if the product no begins with 70505, then that's A standard fit jacket. Sim fit ones being with 70589. This Filson one fits mostly the same as all 70589 jacket if your local Levis store doesn't carry them, except the frabic is a bit thicker and more rigid than regular denim.
There are two types of fit for Levis trucker jacket, slim fit and standard fit. This fits the same as all other slim fit trucker jacket. I wear S for standard fit and M for slim fit, and so I went for M. BTW, went back t the Levis store today and there was only one left. The sales person I talked to told me that this jacket is selling really quick.
What? My 47 is not low rise at all. The few 511s that I have sit way lower than the 47.
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