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Similar make up can be found here:https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/2214/color-8-cordovan-long-wing-blucherIt's a little bit more expensive shipping from the UK. But I got mine from them anyway, no idea when the next pre-order is coming and how long I would have to wait for it to be delivered.
Same here... I was trying to get a pair of 9.5D and this happened to me when I was entering my payment information. This is like pre-ordering the iPhone or something like that...
Is that chukka on plaza last? Haven't seen it before!
Talking about the different shades of color 8. From left to right: dark burgundy, reddish purple, brownish (cigarish) purple, and dark burgundy
Just a detour...
Sometimes it's just pure luck. Last summer I bought a pair of Whisky short wing balmoral just by walking into Alden DC on a random day, and they even had different widths and sizes for me to try on.On the same day I put my name onto the Cigar captoe boot list... which I still haven't received any call/email. My name is still on the list when I checked couple months ago, and if I don't get a pair this time, I can wait. I have more than enough shoes to occupy my two feet.
The BB pair is definitely Barrie. I also have a pair of unlined snuff suede PTB on Barrie last to compare them to, the measured exactly the same and fits the same. That being said, both unlined pairs look a lot sleeker than my Barried lasted boots. The tapered look is perhaps due to the fact that they are unlined?
Ended up ordering both pairs of suede Indy shoes from BB and Haberdash to compare. Received both pairs tonight BB lists the color as tan and Haberdash lists its pair as milkshake. They are 100% the same color. The BB pair comes with unwaxed tan laces while the other pair comes with waxed white laces. The BB pair is definitely on Barrie last. The Haberdash one is on trubalance. Overall I like the Haberdash lined version more, especially the lighter color outsole, and...
I use these as well, they are awesome.
Because the double leather sole has double the sole?I have 3 pairs of Alden unlined shoes with flex sole. They felt like they have 0 cushioning at the bottom in the beginning, but they all broke in very quickly and with 4~5 wears the sole become very soft and very comfy.That being said, because I have 3 pairs of unlined shoes with flex sole - the last pair was purchased a week ago (snuff unlined PTB) - I decided to go with the lined one with Haberdash... for a different...
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