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bizarrely these guys don't have any email address listed on their site... does anyone know where their sizings are measured from? the sizings i usually use are way off. similarly, why do they not explain what "monkey arms" shirts are and their measurements?
What is the best replacement for Rugby oxford shirts? I wish I could buy another dozen of the oxford shirts that had no branding / just the skull. the 2012 line had horrendous branding.
American size 46 GQ Editors pick 2011: http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/style/articles/2011-09/02/gq-editors-style-picks-gant-by-michael-bastian-bennington-check-sports-coat-jacket on park and bond: http://www.parkandbond.com/product/85182684 RRP: $1000 / £500. Bought this about six weeks ago but have been travelling and only just had a chance to wear it and it is a size too small, looking to sell asap as I want to buy a size up. (all the buttons work, I just undid one...
Just bought these jeans, wanted something slim rather than skinny. Not really sure what to look for int terms of fit but love the design and workmanship ... do they seem okay?
I'll check them out. I'm certainly not looking to spend that much per se, but I just felt I was willing to spend that much (as I live in them) if something lovely caught my eye. do you have any advice on the weight of the denim? is 18oz particularly heavy and how does that affect them?
Yeah, I became rather attached to them (I bought when I was a poor student) and kind of kept them. The colour is gorgeous too, but they are holey and feel like its time to move on to real denim!
Hi, I am looking for a pair of new jeans. After living in a cheap pair of Lee Powell jeans for about 2 years I figured it's time to spend some time on a decent pair that'll last me a good few years, and look great. I really like the Rogue Territory Stanton range, I love that colour and fit, but I also love the detail like the hidden pen pocket (http://cl.ly/6Kav) on the back pocket. I really love small touches like that. Does anyone have any recommendations for slim...
I have been looking for a leather jacket for a while now and stumbled on this thread via google. I am looking for a great - fitting leather motocross jacket in brown or dark grey for spring/summer (moving to San Francisco from England.) I am not a fan of "busy" designs when it comes to clothes, so something simple = awesome. Budget of around $1000. I pretty much live in brown shoes; slim jeans; plain grey tshirt, so I felt a moto jacket was best.. Any tips much...
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