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Is the Clifton available? If so, I'd like to know what colors. I'd be interested in brown or perhaps burgundy.
Requesting a PM regarding the price of: Strand, walnut, 9EEE Manistee belt, walnut Park Avenue, merlot, 9EEE shipped to New York Thank you
I bought this at the Context flash sale for nearly 50% off. It's a fantastic piece, but would take some working into my wardrobe. I've got a summer project that could use the cash, so I'll let it go for the flash sale price here, plus shipping. SOLD More images and measurements at the above link. $320 + shipping + 4% (paypal) SOLD
Doesn't Vanson do custom work? It might be possible to work out a custom design that isn't hideous. Their perfecto has brass hardwear that makes it a lot more wearable than the standard black and nickle you see everywhere. I wonder if they could be convinced to produce one with armor.
There have been some impressive remarks made regarding the longevity of Alden's cordovan shell shoes. Has anybody actually had a pair for close to a decade? How have they held up? I'm very curious.
Could you describe the shade of "ash black"? Is it a deep black, grayish? In photos black always looks blue to me.
I became impatient with the mail and hit a Levi's store while in NYC today. I was pretty disappointed with this jacket. It's fairly boxy and even the small sat lumpy on my shoulders. Shrinking it or breaking it in might have helped, but instead I grabbed a capital e slim trucker, which I'm very happy with. I'll probably return my type 1 when it arrives. While there is no way I could justify spending much more than $50 on a denim jacket with the slim trucker on...
Here's Cheap Monday's: I prefer the larger collar and lower pocket found in the Levis jacket. I was going to snag one of the Capital E type 3's that are on sale at 75% off, but saw the type 1 and liked it much more. I don't expect the fabric and construction to be as nice, but I prefer the design. I'll decide if I want to keep it once it arrives in a few days.
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