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Looks good to me. Thanks for posting.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl How many of them? I will post the latest addition of my Maftei shoe collection next month; two more pairs-monk strap and oxford. Stay tuned-same bat time, same bat chanel.
Nice shoes. Enjoy them!
Quote: Originally Posted by speedster.8 Could you please say something about Maftei vs StCrispins. So now for some info on Maftei please? Speed I was originally going to go with SC. However, after talking with fritzl, I opted for Maftei-I am glad that I did. If you tell them or show them what you want, they will do exactly what you want. You will not be disappointed; not that you will be disappointed with SC, either. Plus, the price is...
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl Accept an answer from a non professional. I don't know how accurate this statment is?
Quote: Originally Posted by janne melkersson the.chikor congrats on a beautiful pair of boots! Just want to add some curiosity about pegged footwear. In the "old" days when the method was common the maker did sew the upper and lining leather through the insole. They had to sew it because the didn't had cement that could hold it together. I don't know how Maftei do it but it is sure a great workman ship. Janne Melkersson Janne,...
Very Informative! Beautiful finish.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl It was the special order of our friend the.chikor To be honest, I was involved in these two gentlemens decision to give Maftei a try. Btw, I'm still waiting on smoothjazzone' report on his bespoke orders. He announced them in the LL. Materna, Balint and Maftei. But the true story is, that I told the.chikor and tudor, that they should get in touch with Maftei personally, what they did. And Maftei did the job, not...
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha try dark browns and dark burgundys these are classic and not very fashion forward. you never know things might change That is exactly what I anticipate - apair of ox-blood and a pair in dark brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tudor black is good. all my shoes are black not due to job restrictions but because my own stiff rules (maybe head dissorder) ...... I have tried Maftei also, recently .... I can say only this: another order will be placed in the next few days cheers When there, I placed an order for two more pairs-monks and semi-brogue's. When I go back, I anticipate an order for a pair of full brogue's.
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