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Quote: Originally Posted by rabiesinfrance It would be interesting to see a few of their bespoke shoes, and gauge how they compare to the likes of Lobb, Cleverley or Foster. There's a pic of a magnificent brogue made in Russia leather on their website. Personally, I think that type of leather works best in small leather goods or bags. I have used Benjamin. His quality is outstanding. His turn around time is better than all the makers who I...
What do you want to know specifically?
Quote: Originally Posted by yjeezle I hate to say it, but after 2 months at my job, I'm fairly miserable here. (I know some of you have been working at your jobs for years and hating it... possibly some advice?) Everything here is all so very formal... is it like this in other companies (this is my first job) in America or is it different at other companies? No. Get some experience, use it as a stepping stone and then pop smoke.
Quote: Originally Posted by JBZ I There are lawyers out there who genuinely love what they do, regardless of how much money they're making. I would like to meet one! There are worse jobs that I have had and there are certain aspects that I like about the job, but I have never met a colleague or adversary who "genuinely loves what they do."
Quote: Originally Posted by ajv and some more porn : very simple, very classic, just delivered to it's owner. I especially like the work on the sole at the waist, stunning innit ? Adrian Adrian, If these are yours then you are indeed fortunate! These are absolutely beautiful.
Absolutely stunning! I did notice a slight difference between the trial shoe and the final product-looks like it was shortened a bit? The final product came out beautiful. Congratulations.
Thanks for sharing Eddie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos The short front/long back is the most serious correction needed. Side views would help the evaluation. 30%, 30% 30%
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl a little teaser: Didn't you already "tease" us with this window shopping picture in this thread-page three maybe? Besides, doesn't the schilling seems a bit ubiquitous at this point? Kind of like a headache with "Excedrin" written all over it. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...mate+shoe+porn I am sorry, maybe it is because I have seen the "tease" in person-I didn't find the store or Materna's...
Alright, back to shoes. GOC just sent me two pairs of trial shoes. Here they are-something to look until the final thing comes in.
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