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Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow Stupid question... how do you polish such a shoe without getting it on the suede??? Not stupid at all. It is very very difficult-akin to polishing a spectator shoe. Use painters tape or masking tape, go slow-take your time.
Looks good.
Quote: Originally Posted by LesterSnodgrass OP: What happened? Not Guilty on the Torture and Mayhem, but guilty on the other two counts of child abuse. We had one hold out juror who admitted defendant was guilty, but b/c of personal reasons refused to find the defendant guilty of counts one or two. So, the jury split the baby and agreed to vote not guilty on the first two counts if the holdout voted guilty on the last two.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Were the police officer's shoes patent leather, corrected calf, or top grain leather? Patent toe caps and corrected grain combo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 In California Mayhem is still a crime and I see it every few months when fingers get cut off (by an axe or blade) or ears get ripped off during a Pure Six Brawl. Another P.D. had a mayhem case involving a glory hole incident (use your imagination). The victim actually complained to the police (while at the E.R.). To their credit, the police knew of the location, located the dismembered part and the E.R....
Quote: Originally Posted by LesterSnodgrass While it sounds bad, don't read too much into jury notes. They often mislead. And crazy shit happens when they go home and sleep on it. That's based on my nine years as a prosecutor. Edit: And where the hell is mayhem still a crime? Wasn't it basically common law dismemberment? Pretty much-serious bodily injury with permanent disfigurement. I keep telling myself not to read into the jury...
Quote: Originally Posted by S. Able Did you wear any Centofanti during the trial? Trial was three weeks. I wore all of my Centofanti suits, all of my Trabalza suits and all of my Caruzo suits. I had some well dressed jurors too, which was good to see. Also, we had some levis and t-shirt jurors as well.
I have a jury out/deliberating in a torture, mayhem case. The jury comes back after an hour and a half, requesting readback of a wintess' testimony. About an hour after readback, the jury comes back with an another question about convicting on the lesser offenses. Trying to figure out where the jury is in deliberations or what count they are referring to, or if they are referring to all the counts is nauseating! The speculation can be worse than actually putting on the...
I have seen the Jack Georges in person and know several attorneys who have them. They are very well made, Italian leather, made in NJ I believe. Good stuff. I have not seen their belting/bridle leather products however-so I can't comment on that. If you like the aesthetics, you will not regret it. I have not seen Saddleback leather goods. They look like very rugged stuff-well made. However, a different genre-more the Indian Jones and the Temple of doom look. So, I guess...
[/quote] Beautiful! Especially this pair. I am reluctant about the no fitting part? This could be disastrous for my feet. But, if it worked for you, then kudos. Thanks for posting. BTW, could you post a picture of the sole, waist, etc? If not, no problem.
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