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Yes. Old habits die hard. I still spit shine my low quarters and polish the welt and outside of the soles. My shirts, suits and ties are well kept, clean, void of stains and pressed. I still check my gig line everyday out of habit prior to leaving for work. I tend to be a perfectionist and am very attention to detail oriented when having clothing altered or made. I also feel very uncomfortable wearing ties that hang down below the belt buckle. My style tends to be very...
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym Beautiful. Quote: Originally Posted by gazman70k Wonderful! Congratulations. Love Delos' decorative stitching. Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm gorg Quote: Originally Posted by JGloger Exceptional. Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Very nice. I'm almost afraid to ask, given some of your luck...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro sexual chocolate!
Quote: Originally Posted by the.chikor Let's Try It Again. Well, what does everyone think?
Let's Try It Again.
Gentlemen, Please enjoy my latest acquisition- less than an hour after their finishing touches were applied in Anthony's Saumur based workshop. About as perfect as it gets in my experience!
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha you have the most expirance than any of us - spill the beans! I don't think the OP would be disappointed with either maker for commissioning a pair of bespoke shoes. My recommendation to the OP, see what house produces a style or particular model that you prefer. If so, stick with the original maker of that model. If not, talk to both firms and see what options are avaialable from both and what...
Browning used to make a great over and under shotgun for skeet or trap or hunting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Even I don't think that allowing completely unregulated carry is a good idea. There is very high burden of responsibility to carrying a firearm, and at the very least, a demonstration of awareness, minimal competence (enough to limit danger to self and others from gross ignorance), and a showing that you should not be prevented from being allowed to carry on account of past criminal activity or mental illness seems...
Excellent article. Thank you for posting.
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