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Guys, I have a Brioni double breasted two piece suit in charcoal gray that I am going to sell. Suit is in great condition. I will post pics tomorrow and post in buying and selling thread. It is a redundant suit in my wardrobe. It is approximately size 38 chest, shoulders -17.5 inches, coat length 31.5", arm length 25" (with functional cuffs); the trousers have approximately 33" waist, with approximately 1 inch to let out, inseam is 29", double pleated front, trouser...
Does anyone know where to buy the plastic levers/clips (locking mechnism) that keep the pant clamp closed on hangers with pant clamps, such as the example listed below?: I like the hangers, but the plastic clips/levers break frequently. Thanks for any information/ideas.
The resolution of this situation will be interesting. The Chinese War Machine and technology is substantially more sophisticated and capable than in 1979. Also, the Vietnamese probably won't have the intelligence from the Soviets that they did in years past. Not to mention, the Chinese have one hell of a lot of people they are willing to sacrifice in a conflict.
It fits you great and looks good. It looks alot better than some of the suits I have had made.
Quote: Originally Posted by Corto_M Hello, here is the second pair I've ordered from Anthony Delos that's just been delivered to me. I wished for something original, but still classical, hence I've decided to go for a balmoral single buckle monk. The toe is the famous chiseled one already developed by AD These are impressive, like all of Anthony's work. Nonetheless, congradulations and enjoy.
Quote: Originally Posted by gorgekko I'm surprised I forgot this one. I can't even consider leaving the house unshaven. That's right-isn't that funny how we all retain this habit. Except for Saturday and Sunday-aka "no shave day."
Quote: Originally Posted by DLKY John Lobb St Crepin in Black Misty Calf G&G St James II in Vintage Rioja MH71 Those are awesome!!
Quote: Originally Posted by L.R. I'm surprised that it was acknowledged that it was Seal Team six that did it. I've met a few U.S. special forces(non-DEVGRU), and what I was told made DEVGRU sound as it was JTF-2 like, lots of missions, but preferably never any specifics released. I haven't heard "Developmental Group" in a long time. I would say by now-they are no longer "developmental!
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