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Guys, I have a Brioni double breasted two piece suit in charcoal gray that I am going to sell. Suit is in great condition. I will post pics tomorrow and post in buying and selling thread. It is a redundant suit in my wardrobe. It is approximately size 38 chest, shoulders -17.5 inches, coat length 31.5", arm length 25" (with functional cuffs); the trousers have approximately 33" waist, with approximately 1 inch to let out, inseam is 29", double pleated front, trouser...
Does anyone know where to buy the plastic levers/clips (locking mechnism) that keep the pant clamp closed on hangers with pant clamps, such as the example listed below?: I like the hangers, but the plastic clips/levers break frequently. Thanks for any information/ideas.
It fits you great and looks good. It looks alot better than some of the suits I have had made.
Quote: Originally Posted by Corto_M Hello, here is the second pair I've ordered from Anthony Delos that's just been delivered to me. I wished for something original, but still classical, hence I've decided to go for a balmoral single buckle monk. The toe is the famous chiseled one already developed by AD These are impressive, like all of Anthony's work. Nonetheless, congradulations and enjoy.
Quote: Originally Posted by gorgekko I'm surprised I forgot this one. I can't even consider leaving the house unshaven. That's right-isn't that funny how we all retain this habit. Except for Saturday and Sunday-aka "no shave day."
Quote: Originally Posted by DLKY John Lobb St Crepin in Black Misty Calf G&G St James II in Vintage Rioja MH71 Those are awesome!!
Yes. Old habits die hard. I still spit shine my low quarters and polish the welt and outside of the soles. My shirts, suits and ties are well kept, clean, void of stains and pressed. I still check my gig line everyday out of habit prior to leaving for work. I tend to be a perfectionist and am very attention to detail oriented when having clothing altered or made. I also feel very uncomfortable wearing ties that hang down below the belt buckle. My style tends to be very...
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym Beautiful. Quote: Originally Posted by gazman70k Wonderful! Congratulations. Love Delos' decorative stitching. Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm gorg Quote: Originally Posted by JGloger Exceptional. Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Very nice. I'm almost afraid to ask, given some of your luck...
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