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Thank you.
Please contact Mr. Suzuki for prices. I am sorry that I did not answer your question about the time. I answered it for another member in this post. It was about 2 years.
All the Way!U.S.Thank you.I thought you might appreciate them.
I think about 2 years.Bliss. I do not recall what type of leather exactly. It was made in Italy, I do know that. Email Koji and he will give a better estiimate of many virgins must sacrificed. It was my choice. I really liked the leather.Lobb Paris gets among the best leather I have seen. That being said, JP Myhre's leather really impressed me. Delos, Koji and Cleverly were no slouches either. I am glad you enjoyed the photos.Thank you.
Either would be a great addition to one's collection. The Carmina, however, appeal more to my personal aesthetics. You cannot go wrong, no matter what you choose!
I sent you a PM.
Gents, I thought you might enjoy Anthony's recent work! They came last week on December 24th! Santa Claus brought them. These shoes are unblievable. The workmanship is incredible. The fit and finish are all one could ask for. I look forward to working with anthony in the future. Enjoy the photos; sorry only two uploaded.
Gents, These just arrived last week. It has been a long wait. Honestly, I forgot what they were supposed to look like. The shoes are, however, well worth the waiting period. The leather is very supple, very thin, not regular calf skin. Koji warned me that the shoes would withstand less abuse than regular calf skin leather. The shoes are very light. The workmanship is incredible; Koji does not disappoint. The fit and finish of the shoes are fantastic. Please excuse my...
Brioni double breasted two piece suit in charcoal gray Suit is in great condition. The color is dark/charcoal gray. The lighting combined with my photography skills do not do the suit justice. The coat is side/double vented, normal flap pockets (non-hacking), peaked lapel, 6 button with two funcitoning. The pants are double pleated with cuffs on the ends. The suit has an extraordinary amount of hand stitching and is in great condiciton. Feel free to PM with any...
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