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SOLD This is a pratessi Top Frame briefcase. It is made in Italy with a tripple gussetted goatskin interior, Brunelleschi polished exterior leather and solid brass combination lock (made in Switzerland). The case is slightly used, but in great condition. It comes with a flanel dust cover bag. Dimensions of the case: 17" x 13.5" x 5.5". I am asking $250. This is a great price for this beautiful briefcase. PM me if interested.
These suits are in great condition-only a few years old. Unfortunately, I don't fit them anymore. Otherwise, I would never sell them. So, it is time for me to face reality-they must go. The suits all have hand pick stitching on the majority of the external seams-none of the AMF machine stitiching. The photos do not do the suits justice. They are beautiful bespoke suits. If you are interested, please PM me. I am asking $250 a piece. Centofanti Bespoke Navy Pinstripe -...
Here are some more pics:            
Here are some more pics:        
DWFII,Absolutely agree with you. Both Anthony and Koji tell me similar advice-decide whether fit or appearance is more important for you as the foot will dictate limitations to achieving aesthetics. So, if fit is more important, sometimes shape/aesthetics have to be compromised during accomodation.You seem to understand this very well-which isn't surprising, seeing as you are a bootmaker.
Poorsod, You have an excellent point. I contemplated this same consideration prior to embarking on my "satorial globetrotting expedition," as another forum member has mentioned in the past. I made the decision to commission Anthony knowing full well the cost/benefit analysis of the equation (figuratively speaking). I have no regrets for the cost. Their is more for me to the bespoke shoe than the just the end product. Indubitibly, this is an individual opinion that...
Great Question SoS. I would say that they both fit excellent. In fact, I have never experienced any shoe maker who has made me a better fitting shoe than Koji or Anthony. By far, both of these gentlemen are perfectionists, which is demonstrated, for example, in the fit of their respective product.Anthony spent a year, I believe, in Germany attending an orthopaedic shoe making school. One thing that he incorporated in the shoes that he made for me was an orthopaedic...
I know, but I have been very busy. I was lukcy to post the pictues that I did.
I have to agree with you there. Thank you for your compliements.
You're welcome
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