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On Season 8, Episode 2 Billy Walsh is seen wearing a military jacket with a custom name patch. Anyone know where I can get one? Any help appreciated. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by tgt465 I think you win bonus points if you wear something that perfectly matches your date's dress color. Maybe the pocket square, maybe the tie. Good job! Are you serious?
Got my suit tailored and ready to go. Looks great - its grey. My date is wearing a royal blue dress. I'm thinking of wearing a white shirt and a H&M navy and red gingham tie. What colour pocket square should I get? Or what other than the above should I do? Stressful! Thanks! (a bit lighter in person)
Quote: Originally Posted by Merlino Depends on the occasion but I say go for it. Brown (regular or suede) or maybe a navy blue suede pair. for Prom? everyone there is going to be wearing the typical oversized suits and multicolored shirts from Le Chateu (Canada). Want to do something different. Any suggestions for a grey suit? Thanks!
Quick question: is it suitable to wear moccasins with a suit? Ill be wearing a grey suit. Any suggestions?
I picked up this suit today from Zara. Didnt want to spend much on a suit because I'm 17 and figured I'm still growing so whatever. Can you recommend some shirt and tie combos that would go with this suit? Please place brands of both and places to buy if you know. One possible combo I might do is white shirt + tie below. THANKS!
Anyone recommend any shoes for this outfit? Budget of $200
Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated. Will post fit pic once I get everything
Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe You can wear pretty well any tie you can imagine with a plain grey suit and plain white shirt. Great thanks for the reply! Grey suit, dark herringbone vest, white shirt, above tie, black loafers or dress shoes (still looking), black thin belt + red-ish pocket square? Does SF approve? lol I have a white shirt with a light grey suit. Will this tie suit the outfit? The outfit is like below pic. Light grey suit. Dark herringbone vest with black outline. White shirt? Anyone recommend any shoes for this outfit? Budget of $200.
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