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+1I lurk a lot but those are bad enough to speak up and to (hopefully) put a stop to the kid's crime against decent jeans.
I can't believe the CEO can publicly say how crap-tastic this thing is, passed off from the kindle team to a random Chinese developing firm, and still get so many orders. I guess this is targeted at the cheaper audience.
You can get an additional $50 off with this
Anyone have any experience with this cable knit? Looks nice but I was disappointed with the shaker shawl that i got so I'm weary.
Does anyone know what sunglasses Jim Sturgess is wearing in "One Day"? You can see them in the trailer here at 2:01
Has anyone tried adding the code tell25 for $25 off an order of $150 at Bonobos. Does it also stack? Or is that too much wishful thinking?
How would projecting confidence work into a resume? Take into consideration this is for an internship but the job description asks for someone very experienced in excel with the concluding line stating the ideal candidate is essentially an expert. I'm an econ major that has taken accounting courses, statistical economics, business courses, and of course the traditional macro and micro. I would say I have moderate experience with the program, but maybe not necessarily an...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06 Anyone know about Neiman? I'm also wondering about this. Mainly about their brand clothing, I got a tie from their 40% off sale for $15 bucks and a shirt for around 20, wondering if they'll be half decent.
I'm looking for a navy harrington with an interesting inside lining (not blue and red plaid). Also been looking for a red oxford recently. Both in small or medium sizes.
These have been growing on me lately. PF Flyers sumfun lo sneakers.
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