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If you're into coffee or crepes, go to Bradbury's in Madison, WI (within a couple blocks of Context). A fantastic coffeehouse. As much as I sometimes hate Wisconsin, it's a beautiful state (and... we have Context?). Enjoy your trip!
Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier Is there anyone else around here besides me who doesn't like the Indy boot stitching? Maybe a Roy would be your cup of tea?
He did his thing. Many of his looks weren't my cup of tea (though the fits were usually good), but like most things, the polarized praise and hatred he received were probably overstated.
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit [[SPOILER]] Not sure why that's showing up as ridiculously huge. That's why I just linked it. You get a better closeup of the Sheik Casual this way, at any rate.
Yep, Ulduar was tank town and Wintergrasp was the BG with the Vault of Archavon boss-farm inside. Enjoy Cata. I think I'll give Rift a go for a bit. See what that riff-raff is all about. PS: Pio is the Scottish Asian from the Starburst commercials.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I've just ran quests in the new underwater zone so far. Very heartbreaking that all my hard won epics are now crap compared to the green pieces my questing is getting me. As far as WotLK I sort of liked the daily quest. If I only had 20 minutes that day I could still get something done. When I maxxed JC, a frozen orb a day made for a rich DK. I'll admit OS was too easy, even if you did a three drake take...
Quote: Originally Posted by Harbin Do this: 1. Buy shoes from zappos 2. Buy shoes from shoebuy 3. shoes from zappos arrive, wear them but keep the box 4. shoes from shoebuy arrive, put them in zappos box 5. return shoes to zappos w/ free shipping in the end, you spend $50 for the shoes and still get zappos shipping ^ Powerful sorcery.
I played a little EQ and Final Fantasy, but was more into Warcraft III and SC at the time. =P WoW was never terribly difficult (your comment about having people not pulling their weight in 40-mans was undeniably true, even in the best guilds), but I found things in general to be more difficult (leveling took what, three - four times longer in Vanilla?) and more satisfying in the earlier days. But maybe that was just my experience. I had a good time, regardless. WotLK was...
A general sense of discovery and purpose (that came with the game being harder to play, in my opinion). Something fantastic about 40-mans and random world PvP / world dragons where a hundred+ people would show, the coordination required of large groups / guilds, that kind of stuff. Also was not a big fan of the stat changes / resilience. I'm the odd man out, I know.
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