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The camo trend has been / remains a little scary for me, but honestly, that end of the Americana-esque streetwear spectrum would be welcome over what the majority of Americans call casual.
Quote: Originally Posted by palma Any opinions? I have convinced myself one way and the other multiple times I think it's the ensemble that matters. I don't see why it wouldn't work.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow #1 and shoes on the right. +1.
Quote: Originally Posted by ambivalence anyone knows any online shop that ships internationally with gitmanvintage shirts in XS? other than context Penelope's in Chicago does. They usually have a ton of stock, too. I get my extra smalls from them when Context doesn't have what I'm looking for.
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide These are actually this season's - SS'11 and they fit a good 2 inches SMALL in the waist - yeah, you read that 29's fit like a pair of regular 27's...just fyi. Ooh la la. Great to know, thanks!
I give this a 2/10.
I only have experience with Somet and APC, but the initial cold soaks I do with my denim seem to prevent bleed for me, even on my belts / white socks.
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide Sure, here are a few I could locate quickly.. [[SPOILER]] These are great (not that they make them small enough for me ). What season are they from?
^ Fantastic Reddit.
Lots of good eats in Madison (besides the aforementioned Bradbury's for breakfast / coffee). Within a couple blocks of Context is Marigold's for lunch or the Capitol Chophouse (amongst many other downtown spots I haven't yet tried) for dinner. Also in the downtown / Isthmus area is State Street, which is all shops and restaurants. Hope this helps.
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