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Not a spectacular film in any way, but certainly above par for the course. I thought the cinematography was the most interesting aspect.
1. Grow out the mullet. 3. Profit. Prophesize.
I think the article is perhaps narrow, but not inaccurate. Watches are definitely making a comeback with some in the younger crowd (though I'll never be troubled to put one on).
Wish I could swing $500 on this. - Jockey
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyingLotus yeah some good sales on EG stuff right now.. a girl at bloomingdales was taking 40% off the already 40% off sale.. I loaded up, got the field parka for under 100 Odin has some great deals going on, too (especially since XS is so hard to find). Plaid shirts for $100? Yes, please!
Not a tailor, obviously, but I think the problem is in the seat / crotch. The way it pulls makes the pants look way tighter than they really are.
There's always Fjallraven, if you're into that kind of stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear Only been buying up Gitman since this a question. Do they have f/w and s/s releases or is it just a continued release of items throughout the year? Looking forward to some new stuff!!!! They have the basics and then seasonal offerings (along with your often seasonal collabs), as far as I know.
For whatever reason, it all makes sense / is believable.
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