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I'd also like to know the difference between red dog smooth vs red dog oil. Thanks!
I'm 8D in both SD and Indy
I'm torn between PBJ007 and 0702. The one difference I spotted from reading the posts is that the PBJ denim stretches a ton while momo doesn't stretch much. Can anyone comment on the fit? They look similar in measurements except PBJ007 seems to have a lower rise than 0702. Thanks!
Thanks dino, sounds like UK7.5 should work for me. thanks!
I wear US8 on Alden trubalance and US8 on White's semi-dress, what size should I get for Viberg? Thanks.
Does anyone know if tux&collar is still in business?
filson 256
Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts Nice shoes, details please?
You can find shoe trees at grooms
Quote: Originally Posted by clintonf Just taken a few pictures in my bedroom. So, no comments about the "quality" of the photos . I hope this helps? Clint Thanks Clint. Your Rosemoors look much lighter than I'd expect, maybe it's just the lighting?
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