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cool bottle though
^^ thanks Bam!
Just a little something I whipped up for this challenge. [[SPOILER]]
milk foam tea with white pearls
In b4 page 10 ready for match your wall challenge Laneus Rick DIY Guidi
Disastrous results [[SPOILER]]
Assuming you're already doing all the standard stuff (the bridge, the clock, the castle, etc):Tancici Dum (Dancing house) by GehryAlphonse Mucha MuseumEat at Sarah Bernhardt Restaurant for even more Czech Art NouveauCream & Dream for gelato, if it's still open.Go to a Czech Pub for beer, Potrefena Husa (The Wounded Goose) is goodFind the hanging Freud (close to Cream & Dream)Walk around Letna ParkHave absintheHave palacinky z zmrzlinou for dessertThere's always Kampa Park...
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