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ok, good...otherwise, I'd have to ask for my thumb back.
I thought your dog was a rug...I'm glad it's not.
Sorry for the late entry.
Another Barena robe pops up in XL for $59 http://www.yoox.com/us/39359928GM/item?dept=#sts=dreambox80&cod10=39359928GM&sizeId=7
it's a wool poncho from a local mex grocer.
thanks canstyleace. I'm 5'10 and, yes, that is me in the fit pic.
1) RLPL light blue shirt, size 15, made in Italy, french cuffs--$99Sold shipped conus. pit to pit: 22 inches shoulder: 18.5 inches sleeve length: 25.5 inches 2) Turnbull & Asser tan with blue checks shirt, size 15.5/39cm made in England-- $55$50 shipped 3) Turnbull & Asser blue/white check shirt, size 15/38cm, made in England. $55Sold shipped p2p: 21.75 inches shoulder: 18 inches sleeve: 25.25 inches 4) Turnbull & Asser blue/white/green striped...
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