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Assuming you're already doing all the standard stuff (the bridge, the clock, the castle, etc):Tancici Dum (Dancing house) by GehryAlphonse Mucha MuseumEat at Sarah Bernhardt Restaurant for even more Czech Art NouveauCream & Dream for gelato, if it's still open.Go to a Czech Pub for beer, Potrefena Husa (The Wounded Goose) is goodFind the hanging Freud (close to Cream & Dream)Walk around Letna ParkHave absintheHave palacinky z zmrzlinou for dessertThere's always Kampa Park...
Thanks breezy.Appreciate the feedback diniro.
Very good condition. Come with new dust cloth. Do not come with the original case that stores them folded, but they do come a leather Ralph Lauren Purple Label case. $165 $145 SOLD shipped conus.
Thanks Fuuma. It's a shorter cotton linen shirt with emerald green buttons. The kurta looks great too. You should get one and post a fit with it.
Lemaire Geller Adidas×2
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